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DHT/Saw Palmetto

Obviously, DHT is bad, but are there any negative side effects to taking a suppliment (such as saw palmetto) to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT? Does saw palmetto have any negative effects regarding your endocrine system?

Basically I am trying to ask: if I take saw palmetto will I inhibit DHT conversion without loosing any testosterone benifits as well?

Please try and keep any answers down to a level that an english major who never really did well in chemistry can understand :).


Actually oat grass like you may find in a good quality greens mix has the ability to prevent the formation of DHT and would be a good alternative for you.

Saw palmetto has been used for ages to treat prostate growth. DHT is usually responsible for this. Now, it tends to the prostate in some manner, while I haven’t really seen much information on it’s effects on the 5-alpha reductase receptors. I believe it has some way of inhibiting growth of pc3 prostate cells.