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DHT Inhibitor Only On Cycle?


So with my upcoming cutting cycle, i was wondering if i only ran Finasteride/ or Dutasteride during cycle would i possibly still see side effects after im finished with my cycle?


It's a roll of a dice that isn't worth it in my opinion. My brother has been using Fina for over 13 years since he was 22. He has zero problems with libido, and just had a kid. All it did for him was save his hair. On the other hand, I've heard horror stories with guys' endocrine systems experiencing permanant damage. Everyone reacts differently. Again, I wouldn't play with it unless you are a model and make your living looking good.


well, it's gonna affect your cycle in a negative way....


You might never get a boner again. Is it really worth it?


Hair or boners.... hmmmmmm


A poster on here whose name I forget put it brilliantly:

Would you rather wear a wig or a strap-on?