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DHT Increasing. Lower T Dose or Add Natural Blocker?

I decided to try increasing my T dose to from 100 mg to 150 mg a weekly. A couple of weeks after the increase, I noticed that urinating became more difficult and I was getting up several times at night, to hit the head I concluded that this was related to the conversion of T to DHT. You should know that I haven’t made it over to Lab Corp yet due to the Corona Virus situation and that I’m 64 and I like to work out. I was hoping to get a little more size, with the help of the increase in T. But now, I’m facing what I believe to be BPH and I’m not sure if I should just reduce my T dosing, or block the DHT naturally. Previously, I never experienced anything related to BPH. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get in for some blood work, but till then I would be interested in your educated opinion.

Please share your thoughts.


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Similar situation. I’ll be 63 in a couple weeks. Also have BPH. I’ve been watching my DHT increase over the past 8 years while on TRT. I’ve also worked my way up from about 93 mg/week (40 mg E3D) to higher doses. I’m currently at about 140 mg (40 mg E2D).

For many years I tried to treat the BPH with the ‘natural’ (saw palmetto + Pygeum + pumpkin Seed Oil) products sometimes going to 6X the label dose, but it had absolutely no effect on my DHT levels, they consistently ran from 100 to 200 ng/dL (normal = 30-85).

I know it’s highly controversial in this forum, but the only thing that worked for me to bring DHT back into the normal range was finasteride. I’ve worked with dosing to find my optimal dose to keep DHT in the 50-75th percentile of the normal range. I use an eye dropper method by dissolving 2 tablets of 5 mg finasteride (10 mg total) into 2 mL of vodka and dispensing 4 drops into my morning and evening drinking water. This works out to about 1 mg/day oral consumption.

I also make up a topical solution of 2 mg/mL in a base of minoxidil using finasteride I purchase from a research chemical company and apply 1 mL twice per day to my scalp. This amount to about 4 mg/day topical delivery. But there is research that shows that only about 20% of the topical dose is systemically absorbed, so that 4 mg is equivalent to about 0.8 mg oral delivery. In total, my oral equivalent dose is about 1.8 mg/day. This is what keeps my DHT in the 50-75 percentile of the normal range.

I know there a lot of gloom and doom in this forum about finasteride, but I found it to be highly effective and have ZERO of the claimed side effects when it is combined with TRT.

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I’ve tried it topically (in a glycoalcoholic pharma grade solution) and a single 0.25 mg dose orally.
Both gave me horrible brain fog that lasted for days after discontinuation, even on TRT.
The problem is that TRT usually nukes your progesterone levels, so when you introduce finasteride that little progesterone you have can’t convert to dihydroprogesterone and eventually to allopregnanolone, leaving you with a pretty bad brain fog. Not everyone has low progesterone levels on TRT, hence why some don’t feel the side effects, but if your levels are low, then 5-arI are a no go.

Interesting, I’ve not researched the progesterone connection. I have also never tested my progesterone levels, but if the theory you presented is correct, it probably means that I do not have low progesterone levels, as I have not discernible side-effect from finasteride use. I’ve even stopped all finasteride for an entire week once when traveling and I forgot it at home. I did not feel any different without it nor when I resumed treatment.

Hello Youthfull55guy

I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I want to thank you for your response, particularly since it was the only response I got. I found what you said interesting and a little disturbing with regard to finasteride, as you predicted. I do have a question, you mentioned two protocols that you use to keep the DHT in check, but I got confused after reading about the topical application was the one that “really” kept you DHT in check, 50-75 range. Since that’s the case, why use the vodka mixture at all? I was considering the vodka mixture, once I get my blood work back, assuming my DHT was high. The fact is I’m not sure if I have high DHT or high E2 causing my BPH. The only thing I know for now, is when I stopped my 40mg EOD injections for 4 days my symptoms cleared right up no night time bathroom visits, and my prostate felt smaller. However, four days later I got back on the injections at 24mg EOD and the problem returned first night. In all fairness, my total T blood level wouldn’t have moved after only 4 days of zero T and one day of a lowered dose. So my thinking is in my case it may be more about E2 than high DHT, but I’ll see what the blood works shows. If you have an opinion on the E2 vs. high DHT I would be interested in knowing since I’m not sure of high DHT symptoms except BPH. Frankly, loosing my hair is no longer a concern, that ship has sailed… :blush:

Thanks again and sorry for the dely.


I do have documented consistently high DHT if I do not use finasteride and none of the “natural” methods had any affect on lowering it. I initially started with an oral dose of 5 mg/day, but that dropped my DHT too low. I went to an oral dose of 2.5 mg/day and that was close, but still a bit low. I moved to the vodka method for oral delivery because it is too difficult to cut the prescribed 5 mg tablets any small than in half.

It was around this time that I also ran across research on the topical method and how it can provide benefits to hair preservation with only about 20% of the systemic effect. It gave me the idea that I can not only have the benefits of lowering my DHT to treat my BPH but also preserve what’s left of my hair. That is why I layered it in. I have found that about 2 mg oral is about right for me, so I adjusted the oral dose down to about 1 mg/day with the eyedropper method and layered in the topical method to boost the systemic equivalent another 0.8 mg, so the total is about 1.8 mg oral equivalent.

I’ve not looked into an E2 connection to my BHP because my E2 normally stays within range. To be honest, I have not done a lot of reading with regard to E2, so I don’t have a lot of advice to give. I also have an aversion to the use of AIs to control E2. i did play with them early in my TRT days and found they were just to difficult to dose. Also, I’ve found the E2 jumps up and down naturally for no apparent reason, so I’m not to keen on the test either. There’s been lots of posts in this forum to questioning the validity of the test. Bottom line, is that since my E2 is generally within range, I don’t muck with it.