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DHT for Penis Gains?

Not sure if anyone would have any experience with this but;

Would a small amount of DHT applied to the penis for penis size gains be enough to significantly affect HPTA function?
If it makes a difference I am not at the recommended age of 25 for steroid use(still a couple of years off) but at the same time any significant penis gains are only seen if supplemented during puberty so I want to take this opportunity before it’s too late, that being the case if DHT is suppressive would there be any way to counteract this such as HCG and nolva/clomid?
I’ve heard of people adding 2 inches to their piece within a few months and that’s pretty impressive to me.

Sorry I realise this may not be a typical post but given that we are all here for self improvement any information would be kindly appreciated.


It only works if you shoot down the pee pee hole. There will be some inflammation due solely to irritation so you have to over shoot your goal. I’d say go to about. 160% of your goal.

Fair enough guess it is kind of a ridiculous question, maybe I should have rephrased it and said something like;
Will DHT in tiny doses (applied 3 times a week, 3 weeks on 3 weeks off) be enough to permanently affect a developing HPTA? If so, is there a way to reduce this effect?


I can not speak directly to this issue and my apologies on the sarcasm.

What I can share is I have read that it can take three weeks of taking hormones to suppress natural production. There is a theory of cycling out there where the user uses short chain steroids and or orals for three weeks on then three weeks off. In that same post they also said a person could do two on four off. They very specifically said the user had to run pct on the off weeks.

Now my disclaimer, I am new to this end of the bb world. I can only regurgitate what I have read. I do not know anything from experience beyond my one cycle of actual juice. I have cycled prohormones before but that irrelevant in this case.

Try reading up on hcg it is supposed to help with limiting suppression. Weather that includes hpta or not I do not know.

All that said I know everyone on this site will tell you that you are too young to do juice.

As far as topical application goes if I were you I would read up on androgel I am fairly certain there would be something mixed in to make it topically absorbent. So applying anything that is not ment to be topical might just be a waste.

oh okay interesting, I never knew about the 3 weeks thing before suppression starts.
thank you

The three week suppression is a theory if I am not mistaken and it is dependent on drugs taken. For instance one shot of 200mg of nadrolone deconate aka deca can suppress you significantly so I assume the same for npp aka nadrolone phenyl propionate.

If that worked their would commercials for dht on tv , 2 inches on penis guys would sell their Lexus and drive a kia to get some I’ve heard penis pumps work a little bit but desensitized , and i know i couple guys who did gh with a lot of test who said their dicks got bigger. If a drug makes dick bigger it would probably increase prostate size, which you dont want. Their is an operation where they snip something in your dick and inch and a half comes out of hiding, but erections dont stand up just get hard and hang .

I’m with strongman. Sorry you have a small unit, but don’t even attempt that. Nothing is going to make your manhood bigger.

Literally every male over the age of 14 would be doing this if it worked. Come on man, 2 inches? Get the fuck out of here.

Your question has merit, as having a super high amount of DHT(although it is mainly DHEA) DOES cause an increase in locker room envy. However, this only applies during development. There is a pathway that if affected(21 alpha hydroxylase deficiency causes a buildup of DHT) causes enlarged manhood.

Sad part for men everywhere is that this only happens during early development and once you’re in your teens, an increase in DHT/DHEA will not work the same.

2 inches after puberty probably won’t ever happen.

Look up CAH if you have more questions

Yeah to be honest I was sceptical about the 2 inch thing but I’m so easily roped in by the good reviews so I figured if the side effects weren’t too bad or if I could somehow reduce the side effect severity then it might be worth a shot.

I will look into DHEA too but I assume id be in the same situation with wanting to minimise HPTA effects since I am still growing I don’t want to cause serious damage.

thank you

You’re just a little bit late to be trying this, the size of your penis is determined in large part by the amount of DHT and other androgens you are exposed to in utero. Test and DHT will give you better erections, but that shouldn’t be an issue at your age, they won’t do much for size.