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DHT Derivatives: Lower SHBG or Simply Bind to It?

I’m considering adding Proviron or Masteron at low doses to my TRT. My SHBG is already on the lower side but my Free T doesn’t track with where my Total T ends up.

Here’s my question: there’s a lot of vague statements on AAS boards about how DHT derivatives like Proviron or Masteron “lower SHBG.” However, from the research I’ve done, that’s not quite the case-- rather, it looks like these drugs have a higher binding affinity to SHBG than testosterone does. So from my understanding, could this preferentially “unlock” some testosterone from its bound state to SHBG and let it function as Free T in the body? Am I right about this or is there a mechanism where SHBG actually ends up lower when using DHT derivatives? Or would it only unbind DHT from SHBG and not increase Free T? I’d be grateful for some real science and info here. Thanks!