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DHT Cream

I just posted about a friend having gyno, and then did a little research. Bill Roberts once talked about a DHT cream that seemed to have positive effects on some people. Based on my previous message, does anyone, especially Bill, know if this would help? What is it called anyway? And as it is a cream, would it be a controlled substance? Also, anyone ever hear of something called depo-medrol being used for gyno? Thanks a lot


Can anyone please help me?

Andractim cream, and yes, it’s a controlled substance.

Medrol is methylprednisone, a corticosteroid. I can’t tell you whether it will help or not – I do know of ONE person who claimed that a corticosteroid injection into his gyno did wonders, but I don’t have enough data to be at all confident that this would help anyone else.

I know I’m saying the obvious, but, if your doctor believe the Medrol cream may help and I am saying “I dunno,” out of not having that specific information, go with your doctor’s opinion! :slight_smile:

Oh: and the “Depot Medrol” would probably be an injection.