DHT Blockers?

Does anyone take any of these? I’ve made another post. About my Bacne. Sometimes I feel like when I am sitting down can literally feel pimples being made.

I have a couple more ideas to try first but my end game is dht blockers.

Are you talking Saw Palmetto , Green Tea and Pygeum Africanum as blockers of DHT?
or heavy drugs like Propecia?
Are you on T injections or creams?
There are meds for Bacne that does not block DHT.

I was looking into green tea but feel like green tea has a lot of bro science to it. I had heard of the other two but truthfully didn’t look into them yet. Would you suggest them? Looks like I can buy them on Amazon.

Propecia is a dht blocker isn’t? A prescribed dht blocker is what I was leaning toward.

I am not on T but hcg. My last blood work had my test very high which would explain the pimples. I’ve reduced my dosage since then but my pimples have not went away. I am going to get more blood work. On Thursday, I suspect my dosage still mite be a bit high so I’ll check that before I go on blockers.

Maybe you wanna read about post finasteride syndrome before even considering it. If you want to fix the acne problem you need to adjust your TRT protocol.

Drugs are not the answer.

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it. And I agree. I am going to keep working on my dosage first, as obviously thats the main problem.

I would treat the acne and not block the T or DHT. Salicylic acid and azelaic acid creams, gels and lotions work by killing excess skin bacteria. Your HCG mono treatment will raise your T, DHT and E2. I would try some of the OTC acne treatment first and get a mini blood test to see where your levels are.
Unless your hair is falling out in clumps and you still want to be on the HCG mono therapy I would stay away for Propecia.

Would you mind naming a few otc products you would recommend? I’ll show results of my next test when I get them. I’ll do more research on my own as well.

It’s just very disheartening because my quality of life has went up so much but it’s just this damn Bacne that ruins it. It’s literally the only negative side effect I ve noticed so far.

For what it’s worth I ve been using oxy pads and the cream to no effect

What’s your diet like?

Latley not the best but, nothing crazy bad.

Ive moved my blood test to next week. Ill change my dosage when I get the results back if its too much. In the meantime i have Clindoxyl gel to try.