DHT Blockers and Impaired Muscle Growth?

While I’ve still got a nice hair, I’m starting to notice a lot of hair in the sink. Reading up on this subject it seems that DHT blockers will reduce me losing hair and give me back some (stopping losing the hair is quite enough though - I’ve got a load to take from).

Well, does anyone know if these ‘DHT blockers’ have any negative effects on sexing or working out? If thats the case its not worth the trade-off.

I hear that they may cause impotence. Not sure about working out. DHT is a product of testosterone production, not the other way around. Google “finasteride”

Regardless if DHT is derived from testoserone or not, DHT is a more potent androgen than testosterone. Read a biology book about how DHT and testosterone affect a developing fetus and which is resposible for what sexual characteristics.

OP many people report libido problems with DHT blockers.