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DHT (Andractim) Alternative?

Hello guys. I am 18 years old, 65 kg and I want to tell you my situation. Since I was 12 years old, I thought I had gynecomastia. But in 2016 I made a set of hormonal analyzes, everything was okay (i didint had estradiol analyze, just testosterone,progesterone++). At that time,i was weighing 78 kilograms, a lot of fat i had.
I hoped I had to lose weight and inevitably I would drop the nipples, the problem is that I reached 62 kg and my areolas stayed the same. I was at another endocrinologist, I was made an ultrasound from which it appears that I have pseudogyno. The doc

told me to take a cream with DHT (andractim) but it’s very hard to find in Europe and I can not get it.
I have an ultrasound, I can send a picture if it helps.
I would give anything to get rid of this horrible chest, is there any alternative?
Novaldex knows it’s good for gynecomastia, but I have pseudogynecomastie (fat).
I owe it to you. All the best

So a doctor told you to take something that is unavailable where you live?

That makes no sense when doctors tell you to use a drug it’s followed with a prescription to obtain said drug.

I know that, i have prescription, i said same thing… i was really disappointed when i saw isnt on stock anywhere in Europe.
I asked the doc if i can take Novaldex, but she said that “its too strong for liver.”
Do you know another option?

P.S. She said “its not really bad”, maybe that s why she recommend dht cream…

When a prescription is not in stock you ask the pharmacy to order it which they will…

I did it, and they said “we will call you later when it is available”. 4 months after, no call from them.
Another pill or something, except surgery? :confused:

No you go to another pharmacy. And if it becomes an issue you figure out who manages the pharmacy and get ahold of them.

It should take no longer then a few days to get a prescription ordered.

Do not misunderstand me, I went all over Bucharest and everyone told me andractim was not found in the country. I asked even my relatives from Italy, French, Germany about it, but is not found.
That i asked you for another option😶
It is a stress everyday to have them…
Proviron? Nolvadex+Clomid? Arimidex could help?

Ok to answer your question the answer is no there is nothing that you should self administer to try and fix your problem.

Now the new question is what can you do to get your presxor get back to the doctor and try to get something else.

They have online pharmacies where you can submit your prescription and they mail the prescription to you look into those.

You can try harder figure out who operates the pharmacy and talk to them.

You can go bskc to your doctor and say I need someeelse no one has this.

What you should not do is start playing doctor to yourself