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Do any of you young guys train with DHEA? I have been researching it for a co-worker that is in his 50’s. There seems to be some benifits that I could use from it as well.

I’m 18, getting ready to start bulking. I know I produce a fair amount of DHEA, but I have read about some guys my age taking 125mg.

(Possible Side effects: hair loss, acne, itchy scalp, anger) I would like to keep my hair though lol

Don’t bother with the stuff you are too young to mess around with stuff like that, just follow Berardi’s massive eating plan and train hard thats all your bulk needs for the time being. If come a few years down the line you aren’t getting results then look into supplements like DHEA…


Like above said dont take it unless youve been tested and found low. Its more likely to convert to E then T or at least as likely anyway in excess


Hey dude. I just turned 20 and I’ve been lifting for 4 years. I tried DHEA before (about 6 months ago actually) and I didn’t notice anything to drastic. Strength went up a bit but nothing incredibly impressive but I didn’t take any other supplements with it except for my regular protein shakes so I could see how well it actually worked.

I do take creatine and test tablets but stopped to test out the benefits of the DHEA. Size was nothing really and like I said before, the strength gain was nothing fabulous. However, no hair loss or acne. But personally, I wouldn’t recommend it especially at 18 (not to sound like a hypocrite) but who knows, it may work well for you it may not. Your genetics are going to have a say in that one bro. Peace.