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Do any of you add DHEA into any of your cycles?


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the reason i asked is because i always add it into my cycle since i've used it by itself up to 100mgs and it is definitely a strength booster.
however my gains have been fairly slow and i was wondering if this could be because of adding the dhea into my cycles.
any real advice will be appreciated.


If you are using enough gear you shouldn't need DHEA. It would have miniscule effects if any.

It is a weak androgen secreted by the adrenal cortex. Its main purpose is to supplement the sex steroids secreted by the gonads. The DHEA will convert into androstenedione and then into other androgens. A watse of money in my opinion.


okay, because i just started a new cycle and i got this anti catabolic stack that contains dhea i used it before it worked well of course along with all my other supps.
could dhea be creating enough estrogens to totally counteract anabolic growth?
i'm thinking 1+1 might equal none in this case.
anybody have anything simular to compare?


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Seriously though I dont' have a clue who this guy is so hopefull he's not a troll and this is a legit question. I know a board where MANY people discuss using DHEA during pct. PM me if you're not a troll. As for using it during a cycle of AAS? Waste of time. Kinda like throwing a match into a forest fire. Little effect if any.


yeah, man. you meen you have never needed some extra glucosamine or an anti catabolic stack after a heavy cycle?


well that basically answers part of my question.
i have heard of test rebound not sure what it is.
wideguy, in your opinion can dhea produce enough estrogen to counteract anabolism?


No....man. Will you please tell me what your anti-catabolic stack consists of? And will you also please tell me what your "heavy cycle" was? im curious to know..


anti catabolic stack
Zinc 15mg ?
Creatine Monohydrate 5mcg ?
Glutamine 2mcg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg ?
Leucine 250mg ?
Isoleucine 250mg ?
Valine 250mg ?
N-Acetyl-Cysteine 200mg ?
Tribulus Terrestris L 250mg ?
DHEA 50mg
i meen like heavy wieght lifting routine: leg presses, bench presses, deadlifts
i use only orals. 300mgs of nandrolone per week.
and nothing else. but of course vitamins and all that.


You might want to be a little clearer and you wouldn't get trashed so much.

From what I have read so far you want to know if DHEA is going to fuck up your cycle.

The answer is no.

I have been using DHEA for 6 months now for the following reasons:
Basically I researched the drug due to the coming ban that the gov't is attempting. It is very cheap, is known to prevent the effects of aging (I'm 35) and in some studies has been shown to help with fat loss.

I am also in my 4th week of a Test E, EQ cycle and I am growing and becoming very strong.

SO, with me anyway, it has no effect on my cycle.

FYI: On the subject of using DHEA for PCT....

I also looked around and their is a lot of talk about the drug and using it for this reason, BUT, I talked to a couple of vets here on the subject and to quote my good freind BUSHBOY:
"Why not use something that has been proven time and time again instead of trying something else. Clomid and others work. There is nothing out there that says DHEA does."

You mentioned you were taking 300 mgs of nandrolone per week. This to me is not a cycle its a waste of time.

Just some thoughts, try if you want, and try getting your point across quicker.



ALso nandrolone is not an oral. ALso 5 mcgs of creatine? That is not enough to do anything, 5 grams of creatine is pretty standard though. I'm not trying to be rude but is english your first language. As for dhea in pct? Yeah I'd run nolva and clomid first for the obvious reasons, but since it's not supprsessive or toxic and it's cheap I'd say whay not try it in the later part of your pct.


Raul, didn't you say you bought your steroid stack at GNC?


yes, english is my first language.
i'm thinking it should be okay to use this particular anticatabolic stack. but still i wonder.
no, no new stacks are available at gnc if they aint totaly vegan. to keep them away from kids.
you will find most new products available only online.


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