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Does any one recommend reading or brands or advice?
Thank you


It's marketed as a wonder drug, a cure-all for many ailments. That alone is reason for suspect. In my opinion, there are too many undesireable side effects. And long term safety hasn't been established.


No, DHEA is old school, unless you're talking about... uh, never mind.

I'd forget DHEA.


yeah and whats this 7 keto stuff? my choices are limited down here in nz but of course I dont really expect to get my hands on anything thats going to do anything amazing for me. ..


Mike and Dave
I googled DHEA, read several articles but leaned very little. (Dave) Why do you say never mind? Mike I cold find only minimal side effects at high dosage. I do feel that part of me is stronger than I have ever been but I do feel that my endurance has slipped in the past 20 years.


I think that is a mega dose:)


I started taking 100mg a day about a month or two ago on the advice of an MD friend of mine. He freaked when I asked about supplementing with Testosterone and told me to take DHEA instead.

I have grown a few pounds in the last couple of months, but I attribute it more to my Tribulus blend and Massive Eating, not the DHEA. But, as I started them all at the same time, who knows..?

What are the potential negatives? Dr.'s seem to think it's great stuff...


Potential sides.

In short it is more likely to convert to Est. Than T. It is great for older folks whom are short on producing the hormone but for those looking for an edge it is more of a hinderance than a help.



Great. So could we be talking Gyno here? I think I'll drop it from my stack.

I've been on a product with Vitex the whole time, so hopefully no issues...


Thank you Phill and Massive


It really depends on what your DHEA levels are. IF you have your blood checked and have low DHEA levels, you can derive some benefit from supplementation. However, just taking it without knowing what your levels are is not the way to go. Find out if you actually need something before taking it.

Mike Mahler


Thank you Mike Mahler for the advice


Just wanted to throw this out there as well.

The IMPORTANCE of DHEA to us today. It comes not in what this specific compound can do for us as far as muscle building or anabolism. No. But from the fact it is the latest thing under fire by the government.

They now want to make it illegal. Which if they do like all other things is ONE more step in making all supplements that much easier for them to classify and control.

No another HUGE problem arises. The minute the government puts something in their site then the BUZZ starts. For some damn reason every damn 15 year old who wants to get Swole starts asking "How Much Should I take" Everyone thinks its time to rethink our position on this supplement. I mean if the Gov. is trying to classify it as a steroid then it must be POWERFULL shit.

This just hurts are position. It just feeds there fire and gives them more False and now real evidence that it is being misused by mindless people only taking it because it is in the news.

This just hurries their actions and does nothing but hurt those like Mike said can get benefit from its use and to the rest of us when further supps are attacked and locked down.

In short do some research. Dont just spout off and start popping pills just because its in the news. You are doing more harm than good to all of us and possibly to your own body.

Use then if needed and proven effective for YOU and your situation.

Think, be smart. Educate yourself.

In the mean time stick to the tried and true. Lift some damn weights, eat Lots of foods to gain the weight you want. Supplement with extra Protein in the form of Grow! or hey even beef or milk. Take proven supplements some of the best which are my goodness available right here. But ONLY after you know what they do. Read for a second. Last no need to make a Huge fuss over it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and in this case we dont want the lube they have to offer.

OK end rant.


My doctor recommended DHEA. After a few weeks of usage with no change in my test level, she prescribed Testim 1% Gel which is a topical testosterone cream. That worked pretty well. I'd say about like a cycle with 100mg per week. Not exactly what you might refer to as a mega dose but enough to notice. Lab results showed test levels at the very top end of the normal range.

Bottom line, I'd skip the DHEA.




Man, you are so right. What the hell is up with people wanting to limit the availability of performance enhancing drugs.

I don't get it. Is it because a few rich, playboy athletes that are completely irrelevant to anyone's life, use this stuff to get a few more RBI's or a couple more yards? It makes no sense to me.

Drugs like DHEA, Growth Hormone, and most steroids, if used properly, are life-enhancing, anti-aging drugs. They can sincerely benefit many, many people if doctors would only get off their lazy asses and learn what the hell they really do, rather than believe the lies proffered forth by the mass media.

'roid rage, my ass. The steroids I've used have a calming effect, not the reverse. It seems to me, I can even think more clearly. And that's on legal, low dosage, prescribed testosterone. Big dose, black market stuff is even better!

Get this: the third most prescribed drug in the US is progesterone. It's third. Can you believe that? So my question is: why do women get their progesterone topped off when they're low and the equivalent male hormone is a Class III drug that's more difficult to get than Cocaine or X? That doesn't make any sense! Everything is upside down.

Let's shoot at the rescue helicopters, why don't we? That sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Sheesh.