I know dhea is practically useless in young males. But after a cycle, when natural t levels are low or non-existant, can dhea be of any use in raising t-levels?

your writing on the forum about having low t-levels and not asking about ZMA and Tribex, my friend you should be drawn and quartered.

Probably not of any significant value in increasing T levels at any time, including after a cycle, but 50 mg/day could be worthwhile during and after the cycle simply as replacement just on a health basis (DHEA levels
can drop then.) DHEA does have some functions including with the immune system.

Personally I don’t bother, but if anyone wants
to do it, it can’t do any harm and might do a little good.

sorry nate, i should’ve known better. the problem is i am flat broke and my dad has a few bottles of dhea laying around.

7-keto DHEA has been shown to increase Thyroid Hormone effectiveness.