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I just got my blood test back and the only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was my DHEAS. It was 75. Of course the doctor said don't worry about it. He said that it's natural for DHEAS to be low for a middle aged male. However, as we all know most doctors are not well versed in nutrition, or specialty supplementation.

My question, does anyone take DHEA? And if so how much do you take and do you feel it's helped you? Have there been any side effects?

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If your more potent steroids are in order, I wouldn't worry too much about it. But it'd be nice to see how this thread develops.


I often use a product from www.lifeplus.com called Endocryn Dhea. I like it, it makes me feel good, all of which in useless infomation. The reason I use it is because my "male parts" seem to work even better, and lady friend seems to appreciate it use. Also my muscles seem to feel more full. That is good enough for me.


This information is not at all useless. This is the very anecdotal information that I seek. Please tell me the dose that you take.



I take 100 mg every morning. I'm 46. My doctor prescribed it (though I get it over the counter now). I think it helps. No side effects for me.


I took it for a while, 50mg with a meal in the morning. I did notice that my muscles seemed fuller, I did have a bit more energy, and my erections were more effortless--don't believe the username!

Although, it did seem to give me a bit of acne in the face, so I stopped taking it, but this might not affect you--I'm 23

All in all, I did notice a positive difference, but I figured that I didn't really need it at my age so I didn't buy anymore when I ran out.

It was the DHEA from walmart, available in 50mg, I don't remember the brand name.


ZEB, I don't know how much relevance this is to you, but BBB posted this in another thread:

"...but I suspect that your lethargy is due to the AAS. Some DHEA may help a little as it is the parent compound to pregnenolone which can affect energy/motivation, if leveels are low (as they will be from your AAS usage)."

Maybe BBB can expand on how low DHEA would affect someone?


i posted in your thread in o35's


I take 25mgs of DHEA a day and test to keep my levels with-in a range. I've bought my home testing kit from:


My understanding is it is best to not take more than 50mgs in a day. It can have a few side effects.

Is DHEA dangerous?


Zeb, I went to hear the president of the company at a "turn off your recorders" get together. Now I believe this is the best DHEA product available. I took 25mg at each of three meals.

He was giving information gathered from his research & knowledge,and reports coming in from end users. I also use their Prostrate Formula dnd Proanthanol Bio Com-plex 100mg