DHEA Yes? No? Maybe?

I’ve been taking dhea since I started TRT six months ago. I started taking it out of desperation to feel better. Is this supp something most take?

I initially took both DHEA and pregnenolone to back fill and support my hormone conversions. I also liked that DHEA had neurosteroidal properties. However after some time, I slowly weaned myself off of both and feel the same.

I would let your blood work be the indicator on whether it’s warranted or not. Were your pre-DHEA blood serum levels for DHEA low? If no, I would dump DHEA.

If you don’t know what your DHEA blood serum levels were before supplementation, you’d have to drop it for a while and get it tested.

Thanks. I’d have to dig up my pre T bloodwork, but I don’t recall the level being low. I’ll probably drop it.