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DHEA While On TRT?

I’ve heard it mentioned here and there that one should take DHEA while on TRT, and I have a few questions about that.

  1. Is that because the testes are suppressed and you are likely to be low in DHEA?

  2. Or, is that only the case if you are not on hCG while on TRT?

  3. What are the likely symptoms of someone on TRT who is low on DHEA?

Do DHEA-S labs.
If >40, take 25mg as levels are dropping and test late to see results.

DHEA is made in adrenals, not testes, but testicular pregnenolone production drops with TRT and reduces amount of pregnenolone available for pregnenolone–>DHEA in the adrenals. hCG supports testicular cholesterol–>pregnenolone. There is no feedback loop or control for the things mentioned. Aging is not helpful. Thyroid function affects vitality of all organ systems.

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