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DHEA - What’s Your Verdict?

Hey gents – like many of you here, I have been using DHEA in my protocol. I currently take 25 mg per day – my natural DHEA is somewhere around 150 (I forget the units) and taking this puts me somewhere around 175 to 200. I’ve been doing this for probably the last year – and feel some subjective benefits.

For whatever reason – I decided I am going off while to give my body a break. I’m taking it now every other day for the last week to ween off. today I started having a mild panic attack this morning – not sure if this is related to DHEA because I’m on a lot of other stuff (thyroid medication, MK 677 to increase GH) so it’s very hard to say – but weening off DHEA was really the only change in the last several months.

So my question is – for those of you taking DHEA as part of your to your to your regiment – do you find it beneficial – and mostly do you ever stop periodically?

( by the way that my doctor said there is no risk of stopping cold turkey – but I just feel that since this is a hormone I will not be producing any for some time until it kicks in )

Bumping this older thread to get some insight. Does DHEA shut down your body’s natural production of DHEA? Do you find it helpful? I can’t seem to get a straight answer anywhere.

I think it has some effects on me. More strength at the gym, more self confidence - these are the major benefits I feel. But I assume it affects every person different and it may depend on your natural levels of DHEA as well as there is probably a point of diminishing returns.