DHEA Usage

The following questions are for the 35 y/o and older crowd who have/are using DHEA:

  1. Have you experienced any positive or negative effects and if so, what were they? Specifically, have you experienced in effects on body composition, strength, or recovery ability?
  2. What is your dosage and frequency of use?
  3. Do you cycle it?
  4. For males, do you use an anti-E or other product as an adjunct?
  5. Any thoughts about bioavailabilty of capsules vs. tablets vs. powders vs. sprays?
  6. Favorite brand(s)?

Thanks in advance for your responses. I’ve read a bunch about DHEA - pros and cons - and I intend to try it. However, before I do, I’d like some feedback from users who are not only active lifters, but who fit the age profile of those who should theoretically benefit the most from usage.

Hey, Cardinal!!! I take 25mg of DHEA, which is an appropriate dose for a female above the age of 40. My goal is to keep DHEA levels within normal/ideal parameters.

I have also tested blood levels to make sure I was within an ideal range, which is what you should do if you decide to supplement.

I tested aggressively high doses at one time and did not find that it helped with body composition.

Thanks T-T. After a certain age, I’ve always felt the correlation between lower DHEA levels and many other age-related conditions/symptoms/“thingies” was too strong to ignore, and that in theory, exogenous DHEA supplementation in moderate dosages couldn’t help but be a good thing.