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DHEA - Test - Free Test - E2 Relationship?


Can someone point me to or explain to me the DHEA, Test, Free Test, E2 relationship?


In the testes and other tissues: cholesterol --> pregnenolone [done by mitochondria]
In the adrenals: pregnenolone --> DHEA
In the testes: DHEA — … —> testosterone
In the testes and in peripheral tissues, aromatase performs T --> E2

In the blood stream, T binds with SHBG and that is no long bio-available. About 2% of T remains as free T [FT]

Increased E2 causes the liver to make more SHBG and T+SHBG is removed by the liver.
Increased E2 reduces LH/FSH which reduces TT and FT levels.

In some males, DHEA is freely converted to E2, in other males, no noticeable effect like that.

Study this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steroid_hormone
Which is also linked from the advice for new guys sticky which you should read.