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DHEA & Supplement Ban


Did you the know the F.D.A in 1970 tried to pass a bill to get congress to sell vitamins as prescription drugs? Yeah i found that out by getting thst dudes book kevin Trudeua. (Natural cures they don't want you to know about). Its alot of things in there that you might find interesting.

The main reason i'm on here is to say that congress is trying to ban DHEA. This is apart of a federally funded program that is trying to stop us from accessing all natural remedies and herbs for all types of disease. I know that all of you remeber Ephedra. Well guess what? that was banned without any real conclusive evidence that is causes harm to a healthy indivisual. There were some baseball players and football players that died from heat exhaustion. Well if you don't have water, and it's hot, that usually might happen!! lol Since the players had ephedra in there blood they linked to the cause of death to it.

I'm sure many people have died and they've had legal prescription drugs in there blood, but u hardly hear them linking these drugs to there death.

Just think if you can buy some natural herb like ephedra for like 20$, then, you won't have to pay for some pricey prescription weight loss medication that has known side effects. If you don't buy the medication then the drug companies lose MONEY!!!

Trust me people! If we let them ban every supplement there won't be anything left but prescription drugs!!

That's why you should fight for your right of free choice. If you want to take a supplement to aid in the quality of your life, then you should be able too!!! Smokers and drinkers can make this choice so why cant you?

If you want to stand up for your right go to http://www.saveoursupplements.org/ send a message to congress and let them know how you feel about it. Remeber you are the one that have relect those bastards!
God bless you all!!!


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