Hello all,
My Doc. just ordered DHEA-S test. My result was 290ug/dl. I’m currently doing the typical TRT protocol (although no HCG)and all readings are good. I’m currently doing DHEA 10mg daily. How much should I add to bring the levels up to optimum levels?


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I don’t know what optimal levels are - however, after doing 100mg/day for three weeks my levels moved from:

5/8/15 DHEA-Sulfate: 289.2 (138.5-475)
6/19/15 DHEA-Sulfate: 728 (138.5-475)

This was not on TRT, and I did begin taking other supplements as well along with the DHEA.

Still - a reference point.

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Define optimal. What is your lab’s range for DHEA-S?

Try 25mg then see what the labs do.

Please note that some guys have a high amount of DHEA–>E2, in the adrenals, when supplementing. This does not happen most of the time.

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I’d like to stay at top of scale…The Doc suggested add another 10mg making a total of 20mg. Rather than take 2 10’s I’m going to go with the 25mg. and go from there…

lab range is 34.5 - 568 ug/dl

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