DHEA on TRT. Levels Have Declined

Dhea before trt was 175. Not its 75 after 6 months on 200mg week. Seems like my energy is down but when I take dhea, it seems to cause me to feel worse. Maybe it’s in my head. What’s the general rule for dhea on trt and would Dermacrine work ok?

DHEA is an adrenal hormone which TRT can affect negatively or maybe your adrenals were already on the brink and TRT took it to the next level, HCG might be of use to you since it can help support the adrenals.

Maybe your DHEA dosage was excessive.

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How long did you try supplementing DHEA?

Also, were you taking it at night or in the morning?

175 pre trt so not great. I am
Starting Dermacrine and hopefully that will work better. I think it’s the reason I feel tired on trt.

This was true for me as we, but it was do to an iron deficiency which if iron is already low normal, TRT will take it a step further as it taps into your iron to make more hemoglobin and red blood cells. TRT through the suppression of LH can cause other hormonal declines like pregnenolone, magnesium and even potassium months or years down the road.

Thankfully hemoglobin and hemocrat hasn’t changed much at all since trt. Red blood is just a little above high level by like .2

Fire up the HCG and see if it comes up, I bet it will. I would consider being aggressive with dosage for the first 30 days.

Hope this helps.

So I use 12.5 or so on insulin syringe twice a week. What dosage should I go with?

What dose is used on trt. They have me 250iu week with 180mg week ethanate.

This HCG dosage has got to a misunderstanding, it’s not enough. Standard dosing is HCG 100-150iu daily, 250iu EOD, 400-500iu twice weekly. The half life of HCG is 24 to 36 hours, there is none in your system by midweek leaving you long depleted of HCG by the end of the week.

It seems like a lot of doctors ignore the half life of T-Cyp and HCG on a regular basis, it just is amazing how little thought goes into treating men with endocrine disorders.

that’s a very low dhea. try 25 mg/day and see if it helps. i try and keep dhea 300-400 on tests and 25 mg does me right. that’s of the regular, if you get micronized, then i’d lower your dose to adjust for the supposed greater absorption.

it’s cheap to test, so that makes it easy to double check.

that’s a hefty T dose too. sagging energy levels could have something to do with that, although now I’m just speculating.

Yeah I am coming Down a little and doing .25 eod and with that little test I figure I wouldn’t need a ton of hcg. I mean it’s mixed with bacreriostic water etc. so your saying 12.5 twice weekly isn’t enough?

I was at 115 dhea. Took 25mg micronized and dhea is in 300s

I actually want my dhea in 200s. May reduce to 10 mg micronized

What symptoms did you have on the low dhea. I seem to have high blood pressure as well. Not sure if this is related. Does dhea help you sleep?

What is your reasoning for wanting to lower DHEA to the 200s? I ask because mine is in the 300s as well. I’m not supplementing DHEA though.

In just don’t think keeping dhea high normal is good. I want to be mid range. Am 42.

Here’s your in see it. Am 42. Dhea naturally declines. I don’t believe an aging body can handle keeping all these hormones at a high level. I also expect to make sure my free t is mid range when I get over 60.


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So what does low dhea do? Dermacrine do a good job? I believe 50mg micronized was giving me anxiety and headaches, raised bp. Too high of a dose at once possibly?

So are you saying that you saw a difference in lab numbers, but didn’t feel any different whatsoever and then decided that you would start supplementing? And then that has snowballed into this thread?

Just trying to understand the reasoning here.

How many labs do you run pre TRT showing DHEA numbers? How many since starting?

I would start with 1,000 - 1,500 IU three times per week and see if that works.

Then I would start to taper down and end up at 500Iu twice per week.

Wrong. I feel tired at times and overall higher blood pressure and sleep
Comes and goes. Pre trt dhea was 175. Now is 45-75. I was asking could that play a part in my trt regimen of not feeling good. Just trying to find the right dose also. I have tried the dhea micronized pills but seemed to make it worse