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DHEA in Jack3d


is there any DHEA in jack3d. NBA player oj mayo just got suspended for having DHEA and he said it was from an over the counter supplement. also does anyone take jack3d and gets tested by the ncaa for sports?


Im not seeing the connection. whats going on here


DHEA is available in the US as an OTC supp. Maybe he took DHEA?


Why wouldn't you just Google the product and look at the ingredients list?


i know of a natural BBer who was disqualified for taking Jack3d....the main ingredient in jack3d, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, is banned on some lists...

check that ingredient...


Jack3D is currently a banned supplement by the NCAA.
DHEA is currently a banned supplement by the NCAA.
Don't take either if you're being tested regularly/randomly.


I play in the CIS and I got tested last summer right after I got convinced to try Jack3d and I came out clean. However, I later found out that the Jack3d ingredients are only banned in season in the CIS not in the offseason which is why I was okay. I'm not sure how other leagues are though.


1MR also falls into this category. clutz where do you play?


does anyone else take jack3d and gets drug tested by the ncaa?


I'm not seeing the issue here, if it's banned, don't take it. If 100 people chime in and say they are tested and don't get caught, do you want to be one who does? I'm pretty sure you can find something else to take that is cheaper and does the same thing.


you should simply ask your atheltics department person instead of trusting idiots on the internet.


From what I have read the Geranium root in Jacked causes a positive test because it mimics adrenaline or something to that effect.


i am asking because jack3d is not specifically named in the illegal ncaa drug list but must supplements are not. i currently dont get drug tested but i will next year.


So look at the ingredients in jack3d and see if theyre on the list. Why are you asking people to do simple tasks for you? How lazy are you?


Dont use jack3d. Its just a stimulant. Take the allowable dose of caffeine and carry on with your life.


At the U of S


bonez, its not that easy there isnt a straight forward list of illegal ingredients, whats better than asking someone who has gone through this


Mayo now says it was in an energy drink he bought at a gas station.


WADA prohibited list 2011:

a: Non-Specified Stimulants:
Adrafinil; amfepramone; amiphenazole; amphetamine; amphetaminil; benfluorex; benzphetamine; benzylpiperazine; bromantan; clobenzorex; cocaine; cropropamide; crotetamide; dimethylamphetamine; etilamphetamine; famprofazone; fencamine; fenetylline; fenfluramine; fenproporex; furfenorex; mefenorex; mephentermine; mesocarb; methamphetamine(d-); p-methylamphetamine; methylenedioxyamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine; modafinil; norfenfluramine; phendimetrazine; phenmetrazine; phentermine; 4-phenylpiracetam (carphedon); prenylamine; prolintane.
A stimulant not expressly listed in this section is a Specified Substance.
b: Specified Stimulants (examples):
Adrenaline**; cathine***; ephedrine****; etamivan; etilefrine; fenbutrazate; fencamfamin; heptaminol; isometheptene; levmetamfetamine; meclofenoxate; methylephedrine****; methylhexaneamine (dimethylpentylamine); methylphenidate; nikethamide; norfenefrine; octopamine; oxilofrine; parahydroxyamphetamine; pemoline; pentetrazol; phenpromethamine; propylhexedrine; pseudoephedrine*****; selegiline; sibutramine; strychnine; tuaminoheptane; and other substances with a similar chemical structure or similar biological effect(s).

Jack3d contains methylhexaneamine (dimethylpentylamine)


its on the banned list so how about this... DONT FUCKING TAKE IT!

Is it really that hard? Just find something else, i mean damn... it's not that hard


I believe him, and that really sucks. I'd bet everything I own that most if not all professional athletes use or have used GH/peptides or another undetectable designer steroid and this guy gets suspended for a fucking red bull.