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DHEA? Ideas for Effective Use

I recently read a few articles concerning DHEA on pubmed trying to figure out what exactly an exogenous source of DHEA would do to your body and how it would affect muscle buildup, fatloss, and stamina. Does anyone have any experience with DHEA and dosing. Do I need a PCT if I am taking DHEA? Should I stack it with anything? How does it sell for so cheap if it is such an important hormone in one’s body. Thanks for any help or thread links.

HOOORAY for the search function, use it!

He asks for some info and/or links, you provide a link but use a belittling tone? um… Nice of you to provide that link.

Anyway; My personal experience is that I take 100mg/day as part of my stack. Not something I would bother with as a ergogenic aid, but great for those that need it or run long cycles. You aren’t going to need a PCT for dhea with normal protocols, but DHEA is a great addition to a normal PCT. The thing to remember is that if you take more than you need the rest is going to convert to estrogen. Dhea is a great libido booster, but again, for those that need it. It also acts against cortisol and lower shbg. I would use it for the following reasons, otherwise not bother:

~Part of HRT
~In conjunction with a very long cycle
~During PCT
~Along with a vigorous dieting period

[quote]TheBeat2 wrote:
He asks for some info and/or links, you provide a link but use a belittling tone? um… Nice of you to provide that link.

search function is much easier, ppl should get used to it, doing your ownresearch will make things stick better then having it spoon fed to you.

i gave him what he wanted and told him where to do his step 1 research next time. we are all tired of hearing things repeated week after week because these 1 post count new guys refuse to learn themselves.

Interesting point Christian Thibaudeau made around page 75 of his “Thibs Q & A” thread not long ago.

CT wrote: DHEA … well … it has several drawbacks. First of all the oral version has really poor bioavailability, out of a 50mg pill around 5-10mg will be usable, the other 40-45mg being destroyed by the liver. A DHEA cream (which exists) or spray would be more effective… BUT … in males DHEA will often be converted to estrogen rather than to testosterone. The fatter your are, the more you will convert it to estrogen. On the other hand, DHEA is almost as anabolic in females as some steroids (but it has most of the same side effects).

You may want to look into a topical called Dermacrine. It is a good product but not cheap. I have used it and liked it. I did not do bloodwork.

What would dermacrine do? Probably raise you testosterone beyond nomral levels. No way to know for sure how it affcets you unless you do bloodwork.

It is an exogenous source for increased testosterone so if you get a good response you could shut down if you take it too long. Unlikely to cause a problem if you only take it for 4 weeks on then take at least 4 weeks off.

If you take it with TRT no need to cycle it.
Some take it with cycles. I am not sure if there is conclusive evidence if it is good for for part of PCT or not.

Since you are new here you might want use the search function. There is also a forum for the product mentioned above.