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DHB Experiences

Does anyone have any experiences they’d like to share with having used dihydroboldenone (DHB) before?

I am going to bump this thread, as I am very interested in this compound. The reason being, is on paper this sounds like a near perfect steroid, that most haven’t heard of. Reasons it appeals to me:

  1. About twice as anabolic as testosterone according to the ratios, but also what I have heard on anecdotal reports

  2. No E2 conversion makes things simpler

  3. Anecdotal reports say it is less androgenic than test mg/mg (according to the ratios they both score 100). This is something I have heard from a few different reports.

  4. Most report to feel great on this compound.


  1. PIP is supposed to be nasty

  2. It is hard to source, as not many people know about this compound

  3. Not the cheapest

  4. A bit of liver toxicity, but it doesn’t seem to be as bad as most orals

The cons are not to bad IMO. I have heard this compound called strong primo, or tren’s little brother without the sides.

Anyone here use this stuff? If you haven’t, have you heard experiences from others who have? Stuff you have learned through researching? I am open to any knowledge here, as I don’t think many have used this compound.

I am thinking @unreal24278 may have some good knowledge, maybe @blshaw, @iron_yuppie, or others know something about this compound?

This is a difficult question to answer. To begin, dihydroboldenone (5-a reduced EQ/1-test) is a designer drug. With DHB/designer drugs research in terms of the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics is typically very limited. It would be impossible to ascertain whether DHB would be a superior choice acutely/long term when used cyclically as opposed to say… Testosterone, primobolan, EQ etc. Aside from a few rodent studies/anecdotal reports, we have very little to go on.

This study seems to indicate the level of tissue selectivity is comparable to testosterone propionate. Boldenone (rodent/animal models and one human study) appears to elicit a more pronounced nephrotoxic effect comparative to say… Testosterone/nandrolone. The mechanism in relation to AAS induced nephrotoxicity is multi factorial, not merely secondary to hypertension. I can outline the hypothesised mechanisms if you’d like.

Does DHB have the same harsh, direct effect on the kidneys at a level comparative to boldenone?? Is it worse?? We don’t know, we have very little knowledge on boldenone/human interaction alone.

Btw, primobolan is 2a-methyl dihydroboldenone, masteron is 2a methyl dihydrotestosterone… So primo is just the… Masteronified version of DHB. This isn’t to state DHB is similar to primo, even the most miniscule of structural alterations can substantially alter the way hormones behave once ingested.

With something like DHB you’re best off asking those who have used it. Even then, dose dependent response/side effect profiles can dramatically differ from person to person. Take @readalot 's response to 350mg test/wk as reference.

Using anabolics to begin with equates to rolling the dice/playing Russian roulette. When using designer drugs it equates to putting another bullet in the chamber.

Thanks for the response Unreal. You are correct that it is a bit of an unknown. Most anecdotal reports are positive other than the PIP, which is almost universally reported to be terrible. The more I research compounds the more I realize that I don’t want to use very many of them. Primo sounds good, but it is so damn expensive, and faked a lot.

I’ll read that article you linked. I am going to hold off on the DHB for a bit. Who knows maybe I’ll do a low dose run for a blast and document it here. Sourcing it is really tough too, so it might be a while.

Bump, anyone else used this compound?

I’m starting to see it more and more on various sites.