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DHA (fish oil) question

Greetings, T-brothers and sisters! I’m sure most of you that follow the forum on here know that I’ve been following the Poliquin-style diet, and I’m looking for some good DHA. I’ve been taking Member’s Mark fish oils, and I want to increase the DHA/EPA ratio. A couple questions: what are some good brands as well as best value? I’ve looked into the MRM Neuro DHA (250/100), as well as one that had 500 DHA/200 EPA…I think it was Carlson Labs. Also, is Goldminds (plant-based) DHA just as good as the fish-derived DHA? I have access to the bargain of a lifetime on 200 mg. Goldminds DHA but I haven’t been able to see if there’s any dif…can’t think there would be. We also have a house-brand at the GNC where I work that is the same breakdown as the MRM Neuro DHA. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Here’s one for you: Solgar brand. Omega-3 “700”. 1 softgel contains 360 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA (other fatty acids 100 mg). Those are some pretty decent numbers. There are no “fillers” in there either. Check them out @ solgar.com and best of luck in your search.