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Dezz 1st Cycle Makeover


Week1) 800mg EQ , 200mg TestE

Week2) 800mg EQ , 200mg TestE 20Var E/d

Week3) 400mg EQ , 200mg TestE 20Var E/d

Week4) 400mg EQ , 200mg TestE 20Var E/d

Weeks5-8) 400mg Eq, 200mg TestE

Week9) 200mg TestE, 30mgVar E/d

Weeks10+11)30mg Var E/d

Week12) Clomid 100mg E/d

Weeks13-15) Clomid 50mg E/d

I will be running nolva at 10mgE/d starting week 3 to avoid any gyno possabilities.

My original cycle was only Eq and Var, and after much reassurance from vets, I realize having test in the mix(even low dose) will make a HYUUUGE difference.

Any comments/suggestions

I would like input on my Var dosage.



I am also considering running test at 250mg Weekly to use the whole vile and make the best of it


I know what your goals are and I think the test is going to make you a very happy man! Good choice!



800Eq 500TestE
600Eq 250TestE 25Var E/D
400Eq 250TestE
400Eq 250TestE
400Eq 250TestE
400Eq 250TestE
400Eq 250TestE
400Eq 250TestE 25 VarE/d
250TestE 30VarE/d
35 VarE/d
35 VarE/d
Pctweek12- 100mg clomid E/d
Weeks13-15- 50mg clomid E/d

Nolva 10mg e/d starting week 4 to pct


the Week 2 Var is actually going in either week 7 or upping the doses of the other weeks

any comments/suggestions



I knew that you would go up on the mg's (test) after you thought about it for a little while.

Damn I'm good!



I think thats a great decision. I really couldn't understand what 1 week of var would do for yah?


the little pink pills are so pretty though...small pink...tasty



With a high dose of EQ like that your blood hematocrit levels could get pretty high which is not a good thing. One option to look into to combat this is taking an advil a day to thin the blood. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!


I agree, and this has been a concern with me, would a daily baby aspirin have the same effect? I appreciate your input



dump that week 2 var and place it in week 7. keep the dosages even throughout at 30 mg ED, 40 mg ED would be better, but 30 will work. have you considered a d-bol jumpstart? i'd recommend it. 25 mg ED for the first 3-4 weeks would be just fine, and won't cost much. at that low test dose the nolva may not even be necessary, but stick with it if you wish....definately if you have a d-bol jump.


From my understanding asprin will work... that is the specific name brand of drug I meant to say I just couldnt think of it.


I just don't like this cycle very much at all, but it's your body.

If your info is correct and your 5'11" 185 lbs, why are you thinking about using AAS at this point?


Wtf does my height and weight have to do with it?


Yes your right it is my body, and I appreciate your input and your concern. I honestly think I will achieve good results from this cycle as it is my first. Just curious, what do you not "like very much at all" about this?




1)800Eq 500TestE
2)400Eq 250TestE
3)400Eq 250TestE
4)400Eq 250TestE
5)400Eq 250TestE
6)400Eq 250TestE
7)400Eq 250TestE 30VarE/D
8)400Eq 250TestE 30VarE/d
9) 250TestE 30VarE/d
10) 30VarE/d
11) 30VarE/d
12) 100mg clomid E/d
13-15) 50mg clomid E/d

tribulus throughout

Nolva at 10mg E/D starting week 4


The importance of your height and weight is fairly simple: you could easily gain as much weight as you're going to gain from this cycle without the steriods. Your inability to add more mass naturally in 5 years of training (according to your stats) suggests that you may not have your diet and workout regimen nailed down enough to keep your gains.

Also consider that every time you run a cycle you run a risk of permanently damaging your body. For some people that have maxed out their genetic potential, it's worth that small risk to take their bodies to the next level. For many of us it seems stupid to take that risk for gains that could be attained naturally. You will experience negative side-effects using these chemicals.

I still don't even know what your goals are; I generally don't like any cycle that isn't accompanied by clearly stated goals. Personally, I wouldn't run test at anything less than 400-500mg/week. At your dosage the test is just a waste of money, IMO. I don't see any rhyme or reason as to why you're combining these compounds in this way. It feels like one of those "what I could get my hands on at the moment" cycles. Can you define your goals and describe clearly why these exact compounds and dosages are the best way to meet those goals?


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BBB much thanks bro