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Dez6485 Training Log


245x10…this really kind of blows my mind how weak i am on squats. this will be fixed.

then some Safety Squat Bar GM’s

245x10 for squats is weak? damn i probably wont be on that level for awhile. also i’m jealous that you train at a gym that has a safety squat bar…i just my shitty commercial gym. anyways good to see you are lifting consistently with 5/3/1 again. good luck and i’m sure that strength will return soon.

thanks man. yea they just got a safety squat bar down here. im only here for 27 more days (fucking counting them down!) so i will probably only get to use it a handful more times, but at least ive got it for now.

theyve also got a fatbar which i used once, that’s “different”. then theyve got the 7’ cambered bar. there’s a strongman log which must weigh at least 90-100lbs empty. all of the weight lifting stuff is in trailers, which is kind of weird. one trailer is all hammer strength stuff, im not in there much. another room has a bunch of racks, dumbbells, barbells, some cable stuff. then another trailer has i think 8 olympic platforms, bumper plates, etc. then finally a 4th trailer has a couple more racks, cable station. then theres another trailer that is all cardio, and a couple of the 4 weight lifting trailers have cardio row machines throughout them. theres one westside barbell reverse hyper, at least one elitefts glute ham raise, then a couple more GHR’s that arent elitefts brand. then outside theres various pullup bars, climbing ropes, 3 prowlers.

it’s a hodge-podge mix of really nice equipment and stuff that needs to be replaced. from the way they made it sound, i thought i was going to get down here and find this huge state-of-the-art training facility with everything imaginable. in reality, theyve got some stuff that my gym at home doesnt have, that would be great to have regular access to, and then they will be missing something that is standard everywhere else. case in point- they do not have a regular leg press machine. they only have the unilateral hammer strength one, which i dont really care for.

anyway, is what it is, and im certainly getting by. thanks for stopping in dude.

wow that is weird that they wouldnt have a normal leg press machine but i would definitely be making use of the good stuff they have like that strongman log would be awesome and the fatbar.

i havent used the log press log because i have no idea how much it weighs, and although i have good intentions to get things done, most of the time things get cut short due to time constraints, so i stick with bars that i know the weight of, equipment im familiar with, etc. just to get the shit done and go. sad, but true. maybe i will mess around with it one saturday or sunday before i leave.

military press, from Wednesday 10/12


did some lateral raises, went home. we had mandatory PT 330-430 that was crossfit’s “fight gone bad”, so this kind of sucked because i was hoping we would just be on our own in the gym. so, because of this my plans got screwed, just got in for 20mins after dinner and got my pressing done.

then Friday they hit us with mandatory PT again- a fucking spin class. terrible. so friday’s deadlifts got pushed to saturday, 10/15:



did some 45 deg extensions, some shrugs, called it a day.



some rows, bis, done.

today, squats:


legs felt like crap today. went to the gym knowing i had squats, got in there and said fuck it, i’ll wait, started doing other stuff just to waste time, then decided to just go get the minimum and be out, because i cant get to the gym tomorrow, didnt want to put off til friday.

after this i did goodmornings, felt good. makes a big difference having access to a bar that actually has proper knurling on it, so the bar actually grips your back. the bar i used was an ivanko bar, pretty good.

military press


then did 4 “giant” supersets of:

BBB military press, db lateral raises, db rear delts

going back at some point today to get some sort of rows/lat work done, maybe a little bis/tris




315x3, pretty easy. definitely had the STRENGTH for 4 reps, 5 possibly. stopped because i could feel my lower back cramping up, which happens sometimes when im tucked real tight for bench. rather than have my lower back tight for a few days, i cut the set short.

alright, not much to add here, after the above bench session my next scheduled workout was 5/3/1 squat day. because of some wild ass PT, squats were out of the question. rather than have several days between bench and squat, waiting to deload, i went ahead and just “started” the deload.

got back in for some military press yesterday, to start the next cycle. was more along the lines of how i did my 5/3/1 workouts prior to coming down here. was pretty tired though from beers the night before, so i didnt push the last set, just got the minimum.

military press:

also benched 325 like an idiot with no warm up because one of my classmates was maxing out and challenged me to it. properly warmed up, and with a nice pre-workout stimulant, i think ive easily got 345 in me currently. that’s pretty exciting because im sitting at about 191. when i get home and can put a little more effort into the gym and getting to 200+, i think 365 is right around the corner.

now, what i mean by doing this “how i did my workout prior to coming down here”, is that i did sets of pullups in between the pressing sets. i have done that maybe once or twice since ive been down here. no good reason why i didnt do it the whole time, but i didnt. i think ive been in a constant state of dehydration since about july, so more often than not in the gym i just feel fucking sluggish and slow. going home tomorrow, so it is time to get things back on track as far as that goes, cut back down on the beers, etc. going to deadlift today, as tomorrow ive got a 10hr car ride.


then some goodmornings:

Next workout should have been bench, but I worked out wIth my brother, hit shoulders. Just going to call that an extra workout, bench tomorrow.


315x3…didn’t follow 5/3/1 here per se, just got some squats in. I think my squat is going to start going up again, this is good.

Crap military press Monday night, then ok dead lifting Wednesday:

Military press

Will wait to see what happens on the 5/3/1 day to see where I go with weight next cycle. I have been getting up at 4am, going to bed at 10-11, so not much sleep- could be the issue.


Loaded up the plates on a shrug machine I really like, haven’t used it in 6 months, grabbed the handles and went to stand up, couldn’t do it. So I’m feeling like a pussy thinking WTF I know I used to rep the weight I’ve got on here, now I can’t get it off the ground. Weight also felt like it was awkwardly too far in front of me, like I couldn’t get into position to have the right leverage- it’s got a platform that you stand on- stepped back and looked at the thing to find it had been bent, I assume in the process of moving it. So now the thing is fucking useless, but like other equipment that sucks, it will just sit there and I guess get used by weak people that put so little weight on it that the fucked up angle won’t make a difference. Sucks, I really liked that machine. Now, getting the weight up to shrug is like trying to deadlift with the bar a foot from your shins- ain’t happening.


Ha- this felt heavy as shit! Was planning to do minimum reps then some heavy singles, but after 255 felt heavy I figured I ought to save that for another day.

Did 50 pullups in between, going to make it a point to get back to that consistently. Also did some incline and machine rows, finished with some tris work.

Busy busy busy!

I’ve been writing my workouts down in my notebook, but obviously not in here, my job schedule is all over the place right now. Days I work I can’t really get to the gym, but I’ve been getting solid work done on days off.

Rather than log my workouts in sequence for the past month, I’ll just say things have been going decently. Decided to force myself to push the squat harder. Recently I’ve done 345x7, and yesterday did an easy 365x3. I’m going in most of the time with the goal of just getting the minimums. On the 5/3/1+ days I’m usually just looking for 3 on that last set. Next squat day should then be 385x3. Taking it slow like this to keep the progress going, hopefully repping some 400s in the next few months. I believe when I get there I will see a nice deadlift boost as well.

Speaking of, deadlift my “last” set the other day was 375x5. Felt good, wanted to do something over 400, put 440 on for a sure, though not ‘easy’ set of 5. Happy with that, shut it down. I tweaked something right about the middle of my damn spine a couple weeks ago, so moving forward but staying in tune with how it feels.

Bench and press I’m basically coasting right now, just going for +2 or so on last sets- letting the squat and deads take the spotlight for now until my squat gets to the point where I can be running a fever, half dead, and still easily squat 405 on any given day. At that point I would like to keep beasting squats, but start to push the upper body lifts again.

Will pick up logging with today’s workout:

Military press

Warm ups…then
170x5…again, just going for +2 these days

Pull ups in between 7 sets of 7-10

Mp 105x15, 3 sets

Then various bullshit press downs, seated rows, up rows with rope- pump shit

Deadlifts were done for bare minimum the other day:

Bench as well a couple days later:

Squat last night was 5/3/1 day:
385x2. I wanted 3 here, started second guessing myself, Right lower back was getting tight, didn’t know if I had it. Decided to wing it, get at least 1 and go from there. Should have gone a 3rd rep, but after the second rep I took a few deep breaths and basically took too long to decide, knew I had to rack it.

I think if I stay slow and steady like this I will be getting some good reps in the 400s very soon.

Got in for an easy 5/3/1 military press workout today, as gym is closed on Christmas:


Did BBB 115x5x10 with lateral raises in between.

Work tomorrow night into Monday, will probably get some lat work in after the shift, around 6am, prob take Tuesday off and deadlift Wednesday night.


500x2. Was thinking 500x3, but 3rd rep would have been horrible form, not worth it.


I mentioned that I’m cruising on the upper body lifts, just going for +2 really, so I should’ve just done 300x3, but it felt good so I went 5.

Pull ups in between sets, then some lateral raises, shrugs, rows