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Dez6485 Training Log

Welcome to my training log. I start this log with intentions of sticking to the structure of 5/3/1, but due to being in a training environment for my job, that may not always be the case. Three to four days/week I have a 2 hour physical training block which consists of various exercises/drills/movements designed, as far as I can tell, to make me feel like I am dying- but still remain in the fight.

Also, the average temperature here is about 96 and humid as hell. I am absolutely soaked with sweat/struggling to stay hydrated every single day. Because of these factors, some days my intended lifting will be shifted to another day, days switched around, etc.

Having said that, according to my notebook, the last time I did any sort of heavy lifting was at the end of April/2011. The past two weeks now I have been pushing the weights a bit more in the gym when I am able. So, things aren’t as heavy as I would like, nor do I expect to make tremendous progress while I am in this environment, but it’s time to start building the strength back up.

Now, getting on with it, tonight I deadlifted:

265 x 5
305 x 5
345 x 10

then i did some goodmornings:
95 x 10
115 x 10
135 x 10

then i did jumps onto a 36" box
6 x 5

That’s it. Normally on a deadlift day I would have done 5x10 on the goodmornings, and done some ab work. Decided to do some jumps, as my explosiveness is severely lacking. Abs caught a break because we did a ton of medicine ball situps and slams yesterday, from which my midsection got pretty well torched.

My next lifting session will hopefully be Military Press on Friday. Normally I like to go: Military Press, Deadlifts, Bench, Squat- but training on Monday put us in the weight room doing chest, so my order got screwed up.

I suppose I should mention some goals in here as well. At one time I had the goal of getting an elite total in a raw powerlifting competition by the time I turned 26. Didn’t happen. Life got in the way, etc, and I turned 26 two months ago. Oh well, didn’t hit the weights I wanted to hit, but right around my birthday I got married to my best friend and got my dream job. I’ll take it.

I benched 315 sometime last week I believe, perhaps the week before. Right now, due to running a lot, and my squat just generally sucking, I could probably barely squeak out a 315 squat. I find that pathetic. I have squatted 405 before, deadlifted 550, military pressed 225, and benched 340-345. All at or slightly below 200lbs/5’9". I am currently 188, want to get my bodyweight back up, and get my lifts back up to and beyond my previous bests. The progress will be slow for now, I know, but it is what it is. Once I am out of this training environment and return home in November, I will be able to have a more structured and consistent lifting schedule, so that I can really start PR hunting.

-Strength & Honor-

Military Press
115 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 10

this wasnt all-out. 12 reps could have happened, but regardless, im a long ways off from where i want to be. funny thing is, im not pissed that i used to be stronger than this, or anything like that. im excited to be back lifting like this, headed in the right direction. within a year i want to be at 200x10 here.

did some lat work as seen in the CT/Professor X vids, did some lateral raises, then ran out of time and got the fuck out. i started talking to a dude that was in there squatting. i should have cut the conversation and got back to work, but i didnt want to be a dick to him. no big deal.

Squats are scheduled for Monday, going to be a real damn interesting week, as I have that class that kicks my ass mon-thurs this week.



feel like an absolute poon posting up squat numbers lower than bench numbers will be, but i’ve decided to set my squat max low so that my legs/low back arent wrecked for 3-4 days following squat sessions. i dont think id be able to get through some of this PT if i was extremely sore.

did 5 x 5 jumps onto a 36" box, then called it quits. had that class first thing this morning, have it first thing tomorrow morning, last wednesday, and again first thursday. because of this class, some workouts are just going to be bare bones. sucks, but it is what it is.


some lat work, rear delts, traps. left when my ears sat comfortably on my shoulders. then i flipped a big ass tire twice that my class mate couldnt even budge 1" off the ground. just keepin it Gully.

decided to just set my bench the same as squat, keep things in check. worked out well today, although i should be able to hit 235 more than 10 times, as i did 255x10 maybe 2 weeks ago. had that one tough class last today, rolled right into the weight room afterward, so no surprise there.

also, worth noting- being here has taught me that i dont need to rely so much on supplements. while i believe it is probably “best” to get the protein and all that in right after you train, your results are not going to be turned to shit if you arent able to get protein right away, even if it’s a few hours later. i have somehow been able to get slightly bigger (+3-4lbs on scale) and leaner (judging by how i look and having to aquire a smaller belt) on what i cant imagine is much of, if any surplus in calories.



then i ran a mile. done.

well, today i took the opportunity to catch up on some training. didnt get in the gym friday because my body was FUCKED up from training. then didnt get in monday because my wife was here for the weekend, hadnt seen her in a bit, so gym can wait. anyways, deadlifted yesterday, then military pressed today, so im basically back on track for my 3 lifting days this week. past friday cant be made up, that shit is in the wind.

military press
165x9 (dont remember, may have gotten 10, but i know for a fact i got 9, so i told donnie to mark it 9)

then i did my Boring But Big sets, ran out of time (this was done in class)

went back later for some lat work.

squatting friday.


power cleans, then squats


when i get 315+ x 10, i will start to feel like i am getting strong again.



did some pullups, rows, tricep work, little rear delts. bench overall felt weak, the whole time. probably just tired. not going to worry too much about it. didn’t do a whole lot, as i am planning to move wednesday’s deadlift up a day to tomorrow, as i am not able to get to the gym wednesday.


military press


pullups, shrugs, triceps



didnt have a belt here, so for someone that sucks as squats as i do, not terrible. slowly but surely i will crush these numbers.

got a very busy week. written exam tomorrow, a practical exam wednesday that i dont expect to be easy, then a night exercise that night. if i make it through to thursday without failing anything i will basically be on cruise control for the next week and a half.

hey man this is the first time i have checked in with your log since march or April, glad to see you are trying to get back to 5/3/1 training even though you have all that other training going on. Keep up the good work. I imagine your conditioning is really good right now though so at least that is a plus since your numbers have gone.

Oh and congrats on getting married

hey thanks man.

ha- you’d think my conditioning would be better. in some aspects yes, in some no.

we dont really do any running, a sprint here or there, push a prowler, etc, but not much. a lot of fighting. some days it’s better than others, some days i seem to have aches and pains all over. maybe a thumb got hyperextended, pulled a groin or hammie, etc.

so, basically for the past several weeks ive been nursing injuries here and there. we lost a girl from our class a few weeks back, she got hurt, and then fired. different people down here can decide what they want to do with their recruits- send them home to heal up then come back with a later class, or let them go. we found out ours lets us go- so we just have to basically hide any injuries we have. sucks, but it is what it is…

my drawn out point is that on the rare days im feeling 100%, im fucking good to go, do whatever, but most of the time im just doing what i have to do to get through. after sept 30 weve got a little more job security, and we wont be doing much fighting anymore (that i know of) so i will have a bit more control of my lifting and will get some more running in.



did some pulldowns, then got the fuck out. got a huge cumulative test in our fighting class tomorrow, so i just got the minimum done and left- as my brethren Wendler sometimes suggests.

damn yea that sucks to hear as far as having to hide injuries and what not, but i’m sure it will be worth once all this training is over. Keep doing what you gotta do man.

passed a huge test i had today. now im on cruise control til basic graduation next week, go home for the weekend, then 5 weeks of agency specific stuff.

Deloading right now. good timing, im a little bit sick- a cold or whatever. will probably get in the gym 2x this week and just get some form work/ aka deload %'s done for deadlift and bench, then come back and hit it hard next week.

military press


hit some laterals, etc, but nothing much. deads tomorrow. ive got about 2 hours in the gym on the clock, so i plan to get the deads done, do some deads assistance, then some back/lats stuff i would normally do on a military press day

deadlift yesterday


did some shrugs, lat work, then done- didnt end up with as much time in the gym as i had planned


180x5 (felt heavy)
210x5 (felt heavy)
240x10 (felt heavy)

did a few sets of pullups, 3x10 dumbbell rows, some side laterals, gtfo.

just sluggish today, for whatever reason. oh well. ive got a long weekend, monday off, so plenty of time to rest. will squat sunday or monday.