Hey guess I was adding some dextrose to my Low-Grow and was wondering the cals & carb count of Dextrose per 1 table spoon. Did a few searches but came up with some crazy numbers.

Thanks guys

bump in hope of an answer

Not exact, but pretty close:

One tablespoon would be 15 grams of carbs and 60 cals.

? 1 US tablespoons = 0.0625 US cups

so ? 1 US tablespoons = 0.125 US 1/2 cups

so 290cals * 0.125 = 36.25 cals
74g carb * 0.125 = 9.25g carb

its 290 cal per 1/3 cup…i think you did it for 1/2 cup?>

Brown…so you say >> 290 cals for 1/3 a cup

Thanks, just curious where you got the numbers from.

Thanks again

from the 10 lb bag of dextrose next to me from the protein factory.

Why don’t you just buy Surge? What’s the point of adding dextrose to Grow!?

dextrose in my grow for 2 reasons. 1)Surge is just to expensive here in Canada. We do not benifit from the great 21$ deal. We have to pay 25 shipping and then get killed by customs. 2) I cannot find another company that makes a quality protein that is equal to grow.

Just ordered my first tub of Surge, thanks to the price change.

It goes so well with my LC Vanilla Grow! :slight_smile:

Wow, RIT Jared! That was great!!! Talk about precision.

Well, according to the protein factory website it is 290cals per half cup.

If you type any conversion, such as

“tablespoons to 1/2cups”


“tablespoons to 1/3cups”


it will give you a conversion factor. Just a helpful hint.