Dextrose vs. Maltodextrin

In one of Poliquin’s “Question of Strength” articles, he said that maltodextrin could be cheaply bought at a wine making type store. I stopped in the local wine making store and the guy had no idea what I was talking about… They did have dextrose though, and it was like $3.50 for 4 lbs. I know that this is the carb used in Phosphagen HP, Celltech, and other over-priced creatine kool-aid drinks.

Does anyone know if dextrose is as effective as maltodextrin for a post workout shake??

It’s good stuff, pure glucose and gives a good insulin spike

The only real difference is that the dextrose is very sweet while the maltodextrin is flavorless. If your gonna go with over 50g added to an already flavored protein powder, stick with the maltodextrin. You can order it real cheap from any online Home Brewing Supply site. Just do a web search.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the info!