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Dextrose Replacement?


Hi guys.
I'm looking for help with an issue.
For me, the taste of dextrose in my post workout shake is waaay to sweet.
And if I want to mix whey and dextrose with milk, it makes me sick.

So, I'm looking for a solution, to replace dextrose, or at least half of it, to make the shake drinkable. Is it a good ideea to grind down the amount of oats required to provide the carbs, to replace dextrose? Do they have a high glycemic index?
And if it's not high enough, in the long run, does it matter? Does it make the absorbtion of protein that low that it's counterproductive?


Waxy Maize Starch or virtago

At least for me less sweet and doesn't make my guts hurt.


Add salt and/or lemon juice.