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Dextrose Powder

How many people actually use it. I rarely see it mentioned in forums. I have no delusion that it would “ transform my work out and body”.
as cheap as it is on amazon I wonder if it would aide in recovery and feeling more energetic post work out. especially on days I can’t eat right away. I’ve been in weight loss mode for summer and only eat about 150g carbs but that will change soon.

I use it for my homemade pre and intra workout drinks. 10 grams pre (along with eaa and citraline malate) before a morning workout if my stomach is empty and 30 grams intra (along with more eaa and creatine). If it’s later in the day and I have had food, I might skip the dextrose in the pre. When I first started using it, I noticed a big difference in workout endurance and recovery. It’s my normal now so I don’t know if it’s still working or not. I have no interest in not taking it to test if it’s working or not.

10# for 28$ on amazon I think it might be worth a try

Used it for years. Then didn’t. Noticed no difference.

Did you add the carbs in elsewhere or otherwise maintain calories? I’d be interested to find out how dextrose compares to “normal” food like white bread or pop tarts

Didn’t make any effort to. I don’t tend to observe much impact in nutritional changes unless they are VERY drastic.

I use it pre and peri workout. 25g dextrose + eaa’s/bcaa blend with some creatine, nootropics and caffeine before my workout. 25g dextrose + 30g whey isolate during workout.

Interesting. In all honesty, do you think some of this could be because you always train close to a “worst case scenario,” making you less fragile (not the perfect word choice) to such changes?

My theory is that some folks are more receptive to the placebo effect than others. If the rest of my diet remains solid and the only change is the adding or removal of dextrose powder I don’t anticipate a big impact.

I’ve been experimenting with high carb vs high fat pre-workout meals recently and tend to be able to observe some differences with those approaches.

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I prefer bananas before (with whey and salt - in the blender, like a slow release Plazma) if not training on an empty stomach, the same benefits without the need to worry about timing or sipping continously. Dextrose and other super fast carbs before gives me a crash mid-workout.