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dextrose powder

when using dex powder, how do you figure out nutritional value. I’ve assumed it is gram for gram (70g carbs per 70g powder). I’m just double checking because it seems like a lot of powder; just under 3 scoops of a regular size protein scoop.

We had a huge debate on this very topic a while back. Berardi ultimately settled it by informing us that one cup of maltodextrin or dextrose powder works out to just about 120 grams of carbs. The powders are between 93 and 99% pure carbs, so your gram-for-gram estimation isn’t far off.

i was taking 1\3 cup of my dextrose and that was 75g of carbs, and 1\4 cup i thought was 56g.

The gram-for-gram assumption isn’t too far-fetched. I’ll give you the low-down on dextrose, though:

Per 100g of powder, you get 92g of carbohydrate.

Ryan – nope, that info’s way off. Do a search for maltodextrin.

To expand on the Zev-meister’s comments, Per 100g of maltodextrin, you’ll get 94g of carbohydrate. Man, I’m your Nutritional Desk Reference.

just a reminder that you are talking about mass not volume so 1 cup of sugar does not necesarily mean 1/2 lb or 227 grams. One 60cc scoop of protein has a mass of about 20 grams while one scoop of dextrose is about 35 grams. The supplement companies always overquote the actual number. It hard to actually fill the whole scoop without leaving spaces in the powder, that is the reason for the underdose. I took care of this by actually measuring out my servings with a small scale when i really want to be accurate. laters pk