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Dextrose or Fruit PWO

I’ve been eating 1 large banana with my PWO protein shake (40g whey) for quite a while now and it has worked fine.
However, I recently read an article saying that dextrose > banana (or any other fruit) PWO because it contains glucose which is better than the fructose in fruits for PWO muscle buidling recovery.

So what do you guys think - would I see better results if I ditch the banana and replace it with 40-60g of dextrose mixed into my 40g whey PWO shake or not?
Also, I read that, on the negative end, dextrose is much more likely to lead to fat accumulation than a banana or fruit PWO…
All myth or is there some truth to it?

Go by how YOU FEEL.

I felt no different on a homemade honey and fruitjuice combo drink, than I did on a commercial malto/dextro drink mix.

This is better searched for (I’m sure MODOK has answered it somewhere), but it’s my understanding that fructose is processed by the body in a way that bypasses the processes involved in muscle recovery and storage and instead goes straight to replenishing glycogen stores.

Take with a grain of salt, though, as I’m no expert.

thx for info guys