Dextrose & Maltodextrin for Training?

I’m pretty unfamiliar with the 2. I found them in bulk for pretty cheap. I cannot afford or have access to something like Plazma as I live in SE Asia. I was wondering if these 2 supplements would have a big benefit on my training and recovery. If its marginal I’ll just keep using oats but if some fast absorbed carbs will give “magic bullet” results similar to all the claims of Plazma then I’m in. Any one have any first hand experience with this?

Hard to quantify how much difference it’ll make. Not make or break that’s for sure. If you’re looking for a bit of an edge sure.

If you get plenty carbs around your workout from your diet it’ll make a small difference if at all.

If you do low carb diets or training relatively fasted e.g. early morning fast carbs will be more beneficial perhaps noticeably pre/intra/post

Dextrose is the faster of the two but similar enough that you may as well buy the cheaper one.

I use Gatorade which is sucrose+dextrose and electrolytes. Minor difference. Is nice to sip on something tasty tho


I will say that these carbs are more easily absorbed and then use-able by your body…which means your pumps will be easier to achieve/better.

In that same vein, I would use highly branched cyclic dextrin rather than dextrose or maltodextrin because it has been broken down further and is even faster absorbing.

have you priced these raws? price difference is enormous. He said he can’t afford plazma, and the main reason plazma is so expensive is the hbcd’s. I’ve tried to replicate the Plazma formula on my own buying bulk raws, and this is the component that keeps me from doing so. The next most expensive part is the hydrolyzed whey (I think this is what it is. Maybe hydrolyzed casein? I can’t remember off the top of my head). That also doesn’t come cheap.

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Ah, my bad…I totally skipped over the limiting financial aspect. OP, please ignore my advice since I didn’t take your context into account before I allowed my fingers to begin typing.

From what I understand about Plazma, the main component other than HBCD is Hydrolized Casein – which is really freakin’ expensive…and bitter. At one point, I tried to use just dextrose on its own and found that my body doesn’t like it (bloat, gas…if the timing of its use was just slightly off – ten minutes for example, because of traffic or whatever – I would go hypoglycemic during the workout). Therefore, I decided to spend a bit of extra money on the HBCD and save money on BCAAs instead. But, since that’s not in the cards for the OP, it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for pointing out my oversight, Flip. = )

You can by 100% glucose tablets at the pharmacy but I think they are pretty expensive. Believe it or not, sweet tarts and a few other “candies” also derive 100% of their carbs from glucose which does work faster and if you are concerned about total fructose content may be a good choice.

I checked on the glucose tablets. You can get 50x4 gram tablets for about $6.00. That would be 3 cents per gram of carbs or about 1.14 for 38 grams which matches the carbs in a scoop of some peri-workout drinks.

If you are training fasted or with low liver glycogen, sucrose, or a sucrose/glucose mix like fruit or gatorade are fine because the liver will load up on the fructose to make glycogen out of.

I usually use Plazma for all my workouts and competitions, but I traveled for a show last weekend and forgot to bring my Plazma, couldn’t get any where I was. I ended up substituting with a dextrose powder and some kind of whey blend, and it ended up working out just fine. Plazma is great, and I think it’s the best option out there, but plenty of things that are less expensive can get you by.


Dextrose and whey is an old classic. Works.

I don’t have a sweet tooth do the taste got to me after a while.

Even though Gatorade changed back the ingredients, it is still high table sugar and fructose combo. Stay away.

Wow. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
@JFG have you ever tried Maltodextrin instead. I also don’t have a sweet tooth and rather dislike most sweet things in general. From what I can tell the Malto would have a more neutral taste. Question is, would it do the trick all the same?

Karbolyn type products something to look into, not cheap but still half price of plazma. Also very effective so only need half a scoop unless training really high volume