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Dextrose and Maltodextrin


Been reading on various articles about how these 2 sugars create a insulin high perfect for your body to absorb whey protein after a workout.

Do you think there is a need for this in your PWO shake? and does it make that much a difference

Also what about taking other sources of high GI foods instead e.g. raisins at 64 or dates at 103, which is on par with maltodextrin


Its absolutly necessary and there both super cheap. Both can be found at almost every homebrew place. Also whole food, regardless of the high gi just aren't quite the same because they take longer to digest (whole food vs. liquid)


Im not sure if your aware of this, but Surge has Maltodextrin and glucose (a G.I of 100) in its ingredients. Plus whey-hydroslate and almost 14 grams of branch chain amino acids.
It may seem cheaper to buy the two sugars yourself (you can get the really cheap) and add them into your whey, but it'll taste like shit. Surge taste great and has more BCAAs.


Check these out if you haven't already:


The articles are called Solving the PWO Puzzle by Dr. John Berardi. The article does a good job of answering your questions, that yes it does make a difference, and explains how and why it does make a difference.

I've been using dextrose and whey, but ordered some Surge the other day. I'm looking forward to trying it out.


Thats only if you use hydroslate....use isolate..problem solved.


the simplicity of thinking that raisans and dates (both at a relatively high GI) are a good source of high GI Carbs after workouts is misunderstood by many people. Raisans and dates, both fruits, contain fructose. Fructose doesnt get stored in the muscles, only glucose. Now dont get me wrong, fruits mainly have fructose, but they also contain small amounts of glucose. All good until you learn that the fructose has to get processed by the liver. So your muscles will be starving impatiently for something to fuel themselves while they are waiting on the liver. That is why fruits are not good for postworkout, ie bc they have to get processed through the liver first.


Smart guy here. The fact that there are different kinds of sugars are often lost on people. Fructose is not ideal PWO at all.

I buy Surge because I think it's the best product there is is, according to both scientific studies and personal experiance.


Some fructose after a workout wont be a big deal. As long as you consume some other source of carb with it.


Dates are extremely high in fructose. Most other fruits are about half glucose and half fructose. The goal is to shuttle nutrients to your muscles immediately. I prefer Surge with additional BCCAs peri workout, a lot less to worry about.


thanks for the advice, jus ordered some pure whey protein so ill order some Surge after i finish.

does manually added dextrose/maltodextrin really taste that bad?


It makes it taste really sweet. Think the frosting on frosted flakes. I take a little more then 1/3 cup of dextrose and 1.5 scoops protein. I would have thought I'd be puking after drinking something that sweet after a rough workout, but it isn't really that bad and actually tastes pretty good.


I use dextrose in my pwo shakes and the sweetness makes it pretty tasty...that being said, I only use 1 tbsp whereas the poster above me uses 1/3 cup - big difference.

Malto doesn't taste sweet, to me it has no flavor. I've heard people tell me that adding dextrose to your pwo shakes is pointless as it is empty calories with no nutritional value, but if you can balance it into your macros, why not -- Anything to aid in recovery and growth is good in my books.


I've been using dextrose in my PWO shake for about 2 years. I have one scoop of it, 1.5-2 scoops of whey, and a banana. Adding it in does not make it taste bad to me, just really sweet like the others are saying.


Surge is a great post workout drink that tastes amazing. There are other post workout drinks that attempt to do the same thing, just mentioning that because while I think Surge is amazing don't think that it's Surge or bust. In addition, there is the new or somewhat new idea of waxy maize starch. It is supposedly a faster acting carb source than the dextrose/malto combo.

Personally, I've seen great results with dextrose/maltodextrin and until there is overwhelming evidence (scientific and anecdotal) for waxy maize I'm probably not going to switch yet but it is something to keep an eye on.


does every1 agree that dextrose from NOW foods is the best dextrose product?

Which brand is good for maltodextrin?


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