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dextrose and maltodextrin

Charles Poliquin said that you can get cheap dextrose and maltodextrin from those stores that sell things you need to make wine.
Ummmm,I have never seen a place like that! How do I look for them in the yellow pages? Have any of you guys actually bought d+m like that?


Since I live in MONTREAL,do you fellow Montrealers know of any places?

I tried that before Surge came along and the beer/wine making place didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. Maybe they were just idiots.

You can look them up under homebrew or beer/winemaking supplies. You can also find dextrose usually at whole foods/health stores/co-ops that have bulk bins.

I went to a beer making supply store. I just asked for maltodextrin and they knew what I was talking about. I bought 10 kilos for about $2.50/kilo. The owner had never sold that much in bulk (usually sold in 1 lb. bags), but she just cut me a deal.

A home brew store will sell dextrose as “corn sugar.” I don’t know about maltodexrin, though. You can buy dry malt extract, which bascially is the dried extract of beer before fermentation. That will be high in maltose, but I’m not certain on the total macro profile.

Try the Supplement Direct website, the stuff is cheap so the exchage rate thing shouldn’t be too bad, I got a tub of each 35$ for both. Good luck, outlaw.

Local health food store.Try hitting that.I get dextrose from it.

Was in Coles the other day and picked up some `Brewise Body Brew’ for my post workout mix,they have several different formulas,I got the one with 600g Dextrose and 400g maltodextrin,at $3.70 a kilo it is a bit cheaper than pure maltodextrin @ $11.00 a kilo.