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dextrose and creatine mixing argument

Is there any truth to these 2 points about dextrose and creatine mixing:
"First, dextrose has a high osmolality rate once mixed with water. Such a solution passes through the stomach relatively slowly and water is retained longer in the stomach, since dextrose binds additional water from the body’s reserves (small intestine, blood, muscles). This oftentimes creates an uncomfortable bloated feeling in the stomach. The second disadvantage of dextrose is, that it is absorbed faster than creatine. Dextrose and creatine do not enter the bloodstream at the same time. In scientific studies dextrose is therefore given 30 minutes after creatine. If you take a creatine product which contains both creatine and dextrose, the dextrose component causes an insulin spike in the blood when most of the creatine is still sitting in the stomach. This leaves a substantial portion of the creatine without a carrier and it goes to waste.

well currently i happen to be taking my creatine before pw shake, maybe 10-20mins but all is workin out well for me

I read the same thing pk, I take my creatine 30 minutes after post wkout drink, when insulin is already high.

according to this, you should take creatine before dextrose because creatine is absorbed slower. laters pk

 Interesting shit.

where the biochemists on this topic? laters pk