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Second this. High volume/low calorie is the way to go. Ive also been using his method, and a bunch of his recipes and have dropped quite a bit of fat (like 35lbs). My kids think Im addicted to French toast. I am.

The Greg Doucette diet method makes sense to me. Eat a bunch of stuff that is low calorie, but filling. I have implemented a few things from him. Had some popcorn last night as a snack.

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yeah just the popcorn, wraps, and anabolic French toast alone were a game changer for me. I mean hammering a stack of French toast for dinner for 500 cals is a magical thing.

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There are some things that I just hadn’t really considered that have a somewhat large impact on calorie, but very little on taste. I don’t go as extreme as Greg, but I have started looking at stuff like labels on the BBQ sauces I use (I really like BBQ sauce). They can vary a lot. If I can save 80 calories a few times a week, in a year that can be a couple lbs.

I started a cut, so I need to get back to these things. Walking a bit more. I am currently in the pretty good physique boat. Abs while flexing, pretty good muscle mass. It is easy to get complacent in the pretty good physique, but just dropping 10-15 lbs would get me looking like an underwear model.

Dude…G. Hughes SF BBQ sauces are amazing. Its like 10 cals for 2 Tbsp. Honey, Hickory, etc. I put it on most of my wraps.

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I’ll check it out. I think so far I am using one that is 40 cal for 2 Tbsp. I had been using one that was like 120-130 for 2 Tbsp. I really can’t tell much difference between the two either. I was ignorant I guess.

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Oh yeah, I’m all about G Hughes. I like the honey mustard one, too. Skinny girl dressings are good on salads, which are the ultimate lose-body-fat hack.


I read that in Ozzymans voice haha
He seems to me like a textbook Australian

He’s a stereotypical bogan. They exist, though societally we tend to be based around extensive rules/regulations. We are rather laid back under certain pretenses/circumstances, but more or less the classical larrikin demeanour is a thing of the past. @Beyond_Beyond can probably chime in/give relevant innput.

That’s a shame.

I heard somewhere you were even worse in the regulation regard than Germans and I think our people are a very obeying group of people. Is it about following the rules of the state or is it a cultural thing like it would be in church where a group has the same life style?

I had heard of Ozzyman before but never watched any of his stuff. I just watched the old geezer kicking the snake out of the way so he could continue his walk. Pretty fuckin funny.

I would agree, he’s definitely channeling the bogan vibe, for comedic effect. I would agree the the classical larrikin demeanor is a thing of the past, or at best a dying breed.


Literally I eat one meal a day at around 10pm (I wake up at 10am and go to bed around 3am). I don’t eat many snacks either. I eat basically whatever I want for that one meal and I mean literally anything. I mostly eat pork shoulder that has been smoked for 12 hours and mashed potatoes but I eat pizza twice a week and other crap. No idea how I actually stay lean besides the fact I just eat less food than I did before. The drugs really didn’t do much as far as mayor physical changes (I didn’t notice much difference but I also didn’t eat any differently) but made me turn into even more of a sex crazed psycho than I was before. I’ve been off the Mast for a while now and I’m still having sex at least once a day and that’s with a girl whose 15 weeks pregnant with my baby.

Here’s exactly what I do for abs once a week. It’s 7 mins.


This is something I’ve learned recently too. It sounds so simple but can be hard to grasp.

Obviously the health of foods matters for many other reasons, but for leanness, calories are literally all that matters. For body comp, protein matters too. But that’s it. So simple.

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I’ve been wondering how I had the beginning of abs showing when I was literally eating McDonald’s half the time… I guess I was just keeping calories low enough to get my BF down enough for it to happen. Weird.