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Dexter (Showtime)


Anybody else love this show? I just finished the first episode of the second season. It was awesome.

Doakes is harassing him so hard, it's hilarious.


It's great. Next season starts in September I think.


Now I have to spend the next two months fighting the urge to download those torrents. This is one of those occasions where ignorance truly is bliss.

Same thing happened before the final season of the Soprano's and I ended up caving in and downloaded the first two episodes only to discover it would be another two months before I could see episode three.

Damn you. Damn you straight to hell.



Yeah I liked this show too...wondering where they are going to go with the next season since it ended like it did (don't want to spoil it).

To hijack this thread: is anyone watching John from Cincinatti on HBO? I have on demand so I watched it once and then I was hooked. Weird but, kind of cool.


Damn, you mean the first two episodes I just watched were previews, basically, meaning that episode 3 isn't coming out until September? That would kill me.

Lil' Chino is huge, too, btw


Jesus comes again as a surfer?


This season is kind of bugging me. Before, everything was so easy for him. It was kind of a nice, light show that wasn't too dramatic (besides all the blood).