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Dexter Season Finale (Spoilers)


Talk About a Silly Mistake

Dexter, whos been killing people for years. Id guess he probably has close to 100 kills. At least.

Why would Dexter set up his kill room, knowing that Deb also knew he would be there. I'm sure with everything that happened before hand, may have clouded his judgement. But that was just a plain dumb mistake. So, Deb walks in on him, while hes talking to Travis, then she watches him stab him in the chest.

In my opinion, this is how it might play out. But each thing that Dexter says, will also lead to more questions. Dexter will probably say, that travis kidnapped his son and was going to sacrifice him. And he just lost it and wanted to enact revenge. I doubt highly, he's going to go into detail about him being the bay harbor butcher and many others.

I do think think this whole Deb being in love with Dexter is a very bad idea. Dexter will not recipricate her love. I also don't think she is going to tell dexter her feelings. After what she just witnessed. But, as usual, dexter will talk his way out of it, like always. And Deb, wouldn't turn in her brother, no matter what. I just don't think she ever would. Even if she found out about all the other killings, I'm not sure she would turn him in.



you are fucking the season finale for many people who haven't watched it, they don't deserve this kind of torture RV.





I am glad I watched the season final BEFORE I READ THE THREAD!

but I think it is a high probability that dexter will be able to get off the hook, so I agree with you
on that RV.


I'm not so sure he'll be able to convince her it was a one time revenge. She's not an idiot and will see how elaborate his kill was and how professionally the entire thing was set up. Plus, don't forget that Dexter has grown weary of hiding his true self for so long. He'll be able to let some of that through to his sister, finally, will offer a great deal of solace.

But seriously, after this, Deb should just start wearing an FML t-shirt everywhere.


Oh, i didn't realize nobody saw it. I just assumed people watched it on Sunday night. my bad.


It goes to the heart of the matter. If my daughter came to me years from now and said, "dad, i just killed a guy and hes in the trunk of my car" he tried to hurt me" would you turn her in or help her get rid of the body.

That goes for a sister, brother, father or mother. I don't believe in abandoning your family, no matter what. And Dexter just took out a guy who killed 10 people and almost killed his son. I think Deb will understand, after a bit of sweet talk from dear ole dexter.

I just can't see Dexter telling deb, By the way sis, ive killed dozens upon dozens of people, lol. that might not go over so well.


It would be a very stupid move trying to hide all the stuff from Deb, i really having difficulty imagining what Deb's reaction will be.


There are only 2 seasons left (I think), I would be very disappointed if Dex tells Deb that Travis is his only victim and then she just lets it go. I think she's going to put it all together.


There lies the big problem. Will deb go after dex, maybe not at first, but, that might change, once she realize the extent of his killings. For dexter, his #1 rule in his code, is to never ever get caught. He was found out before, remember Dokes. The black guy that always hated dex and always knew something was up with him. Well, Dokes found his box full of vials, and found out about him being a serial killer. In the end, I think dex was going to let him go, till that crazy girlfriend set everything and him on fire. And dexter set up Dokes to take the fall as the bay harbor butcher. I don't think he will take the same actions against deb though.


You'd think that people wouldn't click on a fresh thread about Dexter that cropped up right after the season final, though. I forget what the original title was, but it was pretty obvious it wasn't something I wanted to click on before watching the episode.

The only thing worse than that are the people who yell about spoilers when you are trying to discuss a major movie that was released in 2005, or something.


Hasn't Deb walked in on Dexter before? I seem to remember Dexter hiding behind a curtain and Deb letting the killer go without looking at him.


Yeah, last season's finale... him and Lumen polishing off Jordan Chase.


That scenario was a lot different though. Deb saw it as a person who went through hell and her friend/lover taking revenge on those who did those unspeakable things to her.

In this, she saw her Brother plunge a knife into a man's aorta in a highly planned quasi-ritualistic manner. Not to mention she once awoke in the same set up with Dexter there (granted he was preventing her death but still). I'm hoping the writers don't wiggle their way out of confronting his past (Dexter: "Oh, he kidnapped my son, it was a one time thing!" Deb: "Okay"). To be honest, I think after seeing this, a lot will make sense to Deb (remember earlier in the season she mentioned it was a little weird he always had "personal" things to attend to?) and while Dexter won't go into everything, it'll be more than just what she saw (or so I hope).



Keep Dexter talk to one thread..that way we don't have to be jumping back and forth


Am I the only one who knows its dumb to read about a show before watching? Are ya'll really surprised?