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Dexter Season Ending Thoughts

I enjoyed the irony of a U.S. Marshall not knowing there was a maniacal serial killer on the run in Miami… despite the city-wide, heavily publicized manhunt.

I enjoyed Quinn and Batista shrugging off Dexter’s shanking of Ryan Gosling as, basically “shit happens.”

I enjoyed trying to figure out wtf was wrong with the psychiatrist’s eyes (lazy, maybe?).

I enjoyed Dexter taking his sister, a decorated cop described as a “Rock Star,” and dumping her in the ocean like all the other trash he’s disposed of… instead of giving her a proper service where the people she routinely put her life on the line for/with could pay their respects.

I enjoyed Dexter taking the time to change into his “I’ma Kill You” thermal before doing that.

I enjoyed Dexter wrapping her in a sheet and carrying her out of the hospital without a single person giving a shit.

I enjoy the prospect of Dexter’s coworkers being haunted by the disappearance of Harrison shortly following his death… you know, when that private eye wakes up on the bus, hears that Deb disappeared and that Dexter died and remembers Hannah was sitting next to a blonde toddler on the bus.

I enjoy Quinn eventually blowing his brains out over being robbed of any closure with Deb (her disappearance will be blamed on Hannah), just like I enjoy Batista (total bro, btw) eventually drinking himself into an early grave as his life crumbles around him, blaming himself for everything that happened (Dexter’s death will likely be blamed on Hannah, as well).

I enjoyed the (cliche) “I guess you don’t need me, anymore” parting before Ghost dad vanished for good.

I enjoyed the Masuki-daughter storyline and the richness and depth it ultimately contributed to the final plot.

I enjoyed the CGI of the hurricane.

I enjoyed watching this show sink from something I actually watched to just background noise.