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Dexter Season Ending Thoughts


Knowing dexter season endings suck, and someone always die...

My guess is the Psychiatrist is the brain killer dude. She's like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde.

Hanna is gonna get killed by the private investigator soon by mistake, and Dexter is gonna die last episode while killing the Psychiatrist, and morgan is gonna see it, and dexter is gonna die in her arms.

Quinn is probably the guy beating up the women, doesn't really fit in though, but would match trying to get Zach to jail.


what are your guesses?


I watched the first 3 seasons and loved them, just never got around to watcjing the rest but I just want to say that I HATE DEBORAH SO FUCKING MUCH!


I'm hoping Dr. Vogel isn't the brain surgeon because I have been thinking she was it since they first introduced her. Hopefully they have some crazy ass twist planned. I will be pissed if Dexter or Hannah die but my predictions are...

Hannah gets brain surgeon'd the fuck up(Vogel protecting Dexter from everyone like a mom?)
Dexter kills Vogel
Quinn is the woman beater and tries to kill Debra (went crazy because she refused him?)
The PI gets killed by Quinn and Debra kills Quinn
Masuka gets drunk and fucks his daughter because well he is Masuka

I hope I am wrong on most of this. Be more pissed than the red wedding made me in Game of Thrones.


Why? Whyyyyyy? You just can't hate her. Dang it!

Have you seen how much she's grown? The girl was useless, insecure pussy in series 1. She turned into a badass/''fuck you, motherfuckers'' bitch by series 3 and, all of the sudden, she's disliked by mostly everyone. Hahahaha!

Deb's my fucking girl! She's the white motherfucking Ninjaa without the Martial Art training and craving for the step-brother's cock. She fucking rocks.

And, I hope she gets to kill that bitch, Hannah.


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Good to know I'm not the only one who wants Hannah dead.


High Fucking Five.




I don't know season 8 is going straight to the shit hole from what i've seen...

Dexter has a "student", Dexter wants a family, Dexter goes to the psychiatrist...

They have 4 episodes to turn things around and i've liked quite a bit from i've seen on the next preview, but it's just breaking my heart because i've used to love this series but it definitely will jump the shark if Dexter doesn't die/we don't get a gritty ending.


That aging software.

This show is such a fucking joke. What a waste.


Hahaha besides the aging software... wtf! they are treating with no sense of urgency at all. They are too much in love with Dexter to do any harm to him.

Now Dexter is going to battle his pseudo-brother the pseudo-Gosling.

Meh, looks like a filler season.


thoughts on the final episode??




At what point can you simply walk into a hospital, remove someone from life support, carry the body out and sail away without someone noticing?

Daniel Vogul went out like a bitch

Dexter must have watched Batman escape the explosion in the Dark Knight Rises and took notes.

Hey, remember Rita, Astor and Cody?


He's got a beard and his new job requires him to have an ax. Now he's a proper serial killer.


I saw so much hate for the final episode that I spoilered myself and became instantly satisfied with my decision to stop watching the show a few seasons ago.


Debs is a needy self obsessed bitch. Everything, EVERYTHING, is about her. No matter what the situation it always comes back to her.

The foul mouth is a typical cop show affectation to make the character seem tough...it just comes off as really weak. She has as much credibility as Michael Jackson singing 'I'm Bad, I'm bad...'. Oh stop it Michael, thats scary.

Jennifer Carpenter does a great job making the character so appalling.


Glad it's over. Whole season was horrible


Was fairly predictable but the series got the logical ending that it deserved. Could of been soooooo much better if they hadn't gone 1/2 to full retard the past few seasons. Is it just me or has Hannah's character done like a 180? Ok so she is super selfish, fickle, needy and murderous. Then she decides to forgive Dexter and become the mother of his child since he is "dead".


Just saw it.

3/10 - bad

Last couple of episodes were atrocious. The show always had great pacing, tight stories.
Towards the end it was just a mess.
They tried everything at once, maybe to come off as unpredictable? Which seems to be the most imporant thing in this internet day and age?

So he's lumberjacking alone, because ridiculously hot Hannah on her own will make such a good parent?
Although on the other side, killing Deb immidiately after she falls into coma seems very insane.

My bet is: they have some kind of movie deal option and the character has to be alive for that to work out.

p.s.: yeah I get you gals hate Hannah, that broad oozes with raw sexuality.


Not a gal and I def didn't think she oozed raw sexuality. Bitch should dye her eyebrows to match her hair. Can't stand that on all these shows with fake blonds that have dark caterpillars above their eyes. It's really fucking annoying when you constantly do close-ups for "intense" moments.

Hannah isn't bad looking by any means but she is far from being the best looking woman on the show. Girl next door look if that's what you are into. Personally, I think she is just as insane as the psycho piece of trim he was getting at his AA meetings. But he had to kill her and Hannah gets to take care of his kid.