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Dexter Season 8


Just done watching the first episode of season eight.

All in all it was not the greatest episode, but the last scene of the episode gave me goosebumps and made up for the more "lame" stuff in it. Cant whait for the next episode.


Whats the best way to watch the previous season? Torrent?


torrent or stream as far as I know. ( then again I suck at computer stuff )


Something about the sister character just pushed me off the show after the 4 th season.


I just love how she evolved from one shy and insecure, petal to one badass bitch. Awesome character development.


It was Dexter himself put me off the show in season 4, too. I got sick of hearing variations on, "A normal person would do X, but I am not normal/a psychopath/have a dark passenger". Too yawn inducing.


I hate her like old cold lumpy grits. :wink:


Agreed. She's horrible. Watcheed Season 1 and couldn't stand the sister. Struggled through season 2 and couldn't get past 1st episode of Season 3. Finding out Dexter and his sister were either married or banging irl made it too weird to watch...think they're divorced now...actors are wird.

Is that fatass latino dude still alive?

Anyway...great thread. Have fun talking about season 8 of Dexter.


Dayuuumm... cold lumpy grits! LOL!

I love her like warm chocolate dripped on... delicate, soft, petals from the nether regions' garden.


You kinky fucker you. You are alright in my book.

But she is just the worse. Her judgement almost got her killed every season. If not for Dexter she would be gone from season 1-2-3 and 4. She actually dated guys who wanted to kill her.



Isn't that strange? Well, apart from that captain -- can't remember the rank -- who reminded her of her father, I always got a feeling she was drawn to men who would severely punish and kill her. She must be kinky like that.

I miss Sergeant DoaKes. That guy's face expressions were fucking hilarious. I hated the way he died. A la Chris Dorner.


I didn't like his character at first but he grew on me. Sad he bit it beforee Dex Sis.


Google "couch tuner." You can stream it like a youtube video without downloading it.



It would have been cool to have him in more series.

Damn you, Leila!! ...Or whatever that british girl was called.