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Dexter Jackson Classic Guest Posers


1, 2 phil heath is coming for you


3,4 better lock your door


5, 6 get your crucifix


7, 8 don't stay up late




it's not just kai this year competing




Forgive my ignorance, but does Cutler's left lat look odd or is it just because his left arm is lower than his right arm?


one more of dex


so, now we know there are other people in this show...anyone wanna talk about the upcoming olympia since this is the bodybuilding forum, there should be more talk of bodybuilding shows


i think it may also be the camera, it isnt really on center


I haven't seen anything on Victor recently, I hope he is doing alright with his prep given what happened to his (sister?)


Phil, Jay and Dex all looked great at the guest posing. Just makes me more excited for this year's O.


Cutler's left bi is huge compared to his right. I really just don't like the way he looks.

Phil and Dex look great.


Is it just me, or is Phil looking bigger than ever? Maybe I've just never seen him in guest posing shape, only contest prepped.


i think this is the best ive seen cutler in awhile...I'm not a cutler fan either, he robbed vic and now I believe Vic has missed his chance


his back has gone from a weak point to a strength imo...It's obvious he is sporting some added size, how much? I'm unsure come olympia time we will see if its enough

at this point I'd love to know if Vic was competing, seeing some posing of dennis wolf on md I think it would be stupid to count him out and I'd really like to see if freeman has added any size over the past year


but toney hurt his chest didn't he?


I've never liked Cutler... but dammit he's looking freaky in those pics.

Phil is the man to beat, IMHO.


Fuck Heath is a monster.

Your right about Jay's bicep, huge difference there. I highly doubt he will make top 3 in the O. Maybe 5th. He does look good, but I don't think he can cut it.

Dex's arms look kinda different sizes too, with the right looking fucking massive.