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Dexter Jackson 90 Pounds Lighter


I found this video to be fascinating, it's absolutely amazing to see what kind of transformation the man has achieved. He's clearly had a very balanced physique for quite some time but the way he looks in this video, people probably would have said that he had no chance in hell of ever becoming a Mr. Olympia because he'd never get big enough. Another example of people not settling.


Those people would be idiots... he has potential written all over him at that age. Those people probably said the same thing about Phil Heath at his first show, and they will eat their words soon enough.

You see the shape, muscle bellies, ability to get extremely lean/separated etc, anyone who looks at a then early 20s(off memory) bodybuilder and can't see them adding serious mass is a fool.


was he posing to Jodeci?


and the enlightened youtube community chimes in

"steroids are safe my ass
mutating cells are cool
go ask anyone who has come in contact with radiation"

youtube = concentrated stupid


I think he looked great back then too! I wouldn't mind looking like that myself..

and yes! youtube = concentrated stupid


His back and double biceps poses are much more than the sum of their parts. If you can't see potential in those poses, bodybuilding isn't for you.


I'd assume(maybe wrongly?) that's one of his earlier shows being that it was in '92 and as an amateur still; which makes him coming in in that condition just crazy. Look at the separation in his legs, I'm sure all the judges at that show knew they were looking at a future top IFBB pro.


He's a great example of how someone's frame can carry so much more mass than one might expect, if one were to be held back by beliefs that the only people who can get "big" are those who started out "naturally big."
I've actually heard people say that "if you didn't start out big, you'll never end up big."


oh yes.


You can see the potential and the great lines and symmetry he has.



He has grown a lot since then, he must've been drinking Powerthirst!


he pulled out all the stops coming in there with a hightop fade.


I don't think there was anyone under the age of 25 with greater than "average" melanin in their skin who DIDN'T have a high top fade at least once in the early 90's.


He's got nothing on you PX.
I watched the webcast of the Mr Olympia and all the commentators agreed that what killed Jay was he was retaining too much water in the morning judging, but looked much much better at the night show but the damage was done for the judging. I think an on the spot Victor Martinez could take Dexter next year IMO


word cause even the guy from House Party 1-14 had it.

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See for a second I thought you meant Mookie Blaylock, and I was like wait... I'm stuck in a different past.


For a good example, watch the video and pause it at 0:37, 0:49, 1:12, pretty amazing symmetry.