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Dexter Fans?


I'm a bit behind. Just finished season 4. Has to be the most shocking TV season finale, EVER.

literally gasped


Catch up, definitely.

I think there is a Dexter thread floating around on here, but Season 5 is also really good.


season 4 , season 4...


Dexter...the program that just keeps on giving.


Great show, been with it since the beginning. There has been some great cast signings for the next season, and season 5 wasn't all bad. Word to the wise, don't look up the other Dexter thread on this site as it contains quite a few spoilers as we were discussing the season as it went along.


Glad it happened.

That story line was straight up boring.


I had to read the synopsis of Season 5 ep 1, to at least get an idea of the direction they would be going in.

here's my conspiracy guess.

It obviously looks like Trinity was the culprit for the last episode of Season 4, but is there any chance the Asst Police Chief (forget his name) did it? the guy that said he was off the day Dexter's dad found him.

maybe that's just me waiting for a twist. But, how did Trinity find out so quickly that Dexter was found in a ppol of blood with the Mom dead right there?


I just finished season 3 and am waiting for season 4 to come out on DVD...now I really can't wait.


season 5 is a little weak on my opinion, they said the sixth season is going to be more visceral, thing that should've happened on season 5.

I really love dexter, it's my favorite series since Buffy or Angel.


Season 5 compared to 4 was a bit weaker, though they did SPOILERSZOMGSPOILERS
have to deal with Dexter being a father and dealing with the aftermath of season 4. Not something you could just put in to a couple of episodes.

At least with 6 it's a fresh slate and we can expect an emo-less Dexter Morgan, hopefully on top form again.


Great show. I thought last season was a slight downgrade.

I kinda wish they would make this the last season, I mean how much longer can the series go on?

I heard mos def is going to be in season 6, anyone else?


He is, at least for a few episodes, Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks' son) will also be in a story arc. I don't think either are confirmed for the entire season though so I assume one or both of them will be dying.


please don't!

i think the only way to make a MAJOR breakthrough at this point would be the truth that Deb was always covering Dexter trails from the police due orders from Harry, i think that would be awesome.

Season 5 finale made that VERY possible.


Also there is a rumor that this season it will be not one main villain, maybe a cult?


That would actually be a very welcomed twist. However, if it were to happen, don't you agree that they'd probably have to end the show at that point? It's not like Deb would be going out and killing with Dexter (maybe once or twice) and it would take away from a lot of the tension that has been used through out the series.

I do think it's reasonable to assume that the series will end with Deb (and maybe the entire cast) finding out about Dexter's "Dark Passenger". Hopefully they don't go the way of The Sopranos and just fade to black after the reveal without disclosing any of the details of the aftermath.


Ya I would welcome the cult thing as well, they need to do something different. I kinda want it to end with dexter getting caught and confessing to be the greatest serial killer of all time. I could see deb and him teaming up and riding into the sunset thought.


I love Dexter!


I have to admit I friggin love this show. I haven't even seen all of the first season yet.


you lucky sob


Yes, it should be the finale of the series, i don't think they have more points to explore, i need to start reading the books by the way.


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