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Dexandrine and MD6?

I am currently using the Fat Fast program with 2 MD6, 3 times daily. I was taking 2 Dexedrine (10 mg - non time-release) twice daily before I started the MD6. Would taking Dexadrine in conjunction with MD6 have some kind of synergistic or negative effect. Dexandrine by itself and MD6 by itself feel almost identical in terms of my perception of my body heat. Yohimbine is an antagonist to GH therefore nulifying the release of GH during the workout. When training on a program such as German Body Comp does yohimbine decrease GH levels while working out? Isn’t GH the whole point of the GBC program?

Both act through the norepinephine pathway. If you want more of that along with the dopamine increasing effect of dexadrine, just take power drive. I was misdiagnosed with ADHD and prescribed dexadrine. While my bodyfat went to 7% and stayed there, I got adrenally burnt out and eventually very depressed. Try not to mess with dexadrine if possible…

I would not use the two together. I have but in hindsight it was stupid. I ended up with serious depression-Ymmv
Basically, you’re not gonna die but why not use one
or the other. Personally, I would use md6
and switch my medicine to concerta methylphenidate.
You will not get the monoamine depletion effect with this drug (ritalin). Unlike dexedrine. Its up to you but
I would wait to use the Concerta after my MD6 cycle was over.
I personally can’t concentrate very well on yohimbine.

Besides if you have ADD md6 does not seem to calm you down or help you focus.
I know a lot of ADD people (clinical) who are focused on Dex
but supercharged on Ephedrine caffeine. I suspect you get a much lower dopaminergic response with EC.
as stated above -more of a NE response.

I think it is a bad idea to mix dex with
MD-6. I just think it is too much up and
dex and the l-ppa in MD-6 might cause too
much neuro stimulation.

As for the yohombine in MD-6 negating GH release (or the effect of it), you don't really know for sure if this is going to happen.