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Dexa Scan, I Have Too Much Visceral Fat. How Do I Lose It?

Can I burn this type of fat the same as everything else or is this more of a nutrition change I need to make?..I know my eating habits aren’t perfect but what do I need to cut out and/or start eating more or less of to improve this?

Reduce your body fat %.


Personally, I believe that having hard to eliminate abdominal fat (despite calorie reduction and loss of overall fat) is that cortisol is chronically elevated which is often the result of poor sleep quality.

For example, I will do a 4 week “mini cut” 3-4 times a year. If the weight comes off of my stomach, its good. If not, it means I have not been getting enough sleep, which in my case was often due to overuse of caffeine. It can also be due to training hard near the maximum volume that you can recover from for an extended period of time.

Lastly, fructose and alcohol and milk sugar are more likely to result in fat produced around the liver rather than in peripheral adipose. Usually if you are not overeating it won’t build up, but overeating that is heavy on fructose, alcohol and milk sugar is more likely to result in visceral fat.


As the other posters have replied, you need to lose fat and that is best achieved through the usual mechanisms. Your additional concern is stress and inflammation, which you need to address for general health because as things stand you probably have issues like insulin resistance. The good news is that it can be easily dealt with through a meaningful lifestyle change.